Reduced prices again 04/20 - A/rt Grail Raw, CLYW Bibop, ILYY, Atmos, FSYB

For sale (no trades, unless you have an a/rt inhaler):

In order of pic:

  • CLYW Avalanche - Grey Bibop- NMTBS: $160 obo
  • Sasquatch CLYW - NMTBS $100 obo
  • FSYB Project engraved Mint - $50
  • FSYB PV44 Mint - $50
  • Atmos Goji - $65
  • SOLD — ILYY Pybit
  • SOLD - ILYP Falcon
  • A/rt Grail NMTBS Raw - $215 obo

I can send more pictures and video for the details. Please add $5 for shipping. International is more. And add PayPal G&S fee if you don’t pay f&f. I also have all the other app paying services.

Thank you!


cheap lio, need better pics

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I believe that it’s a swap, double black…

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It is. I just have accidentally deleted it with some other text I had. I’ll add shortly. Thanks!

BUMP: new throws added

Kinda high on the avalanche IMO. Nice yo-yos!


Correct, not sure of the amount. Why I put obo.

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Prices updated

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BUMP - Prices updated

BUMP Again