Purging Time

LF: Palpitation, Wish, Ilyy Abyss, Shaqshine FG, Ahay Index or Tenma, Rihara Ore, Chopsticks Gorilla

If you have anything on my wants list, please PM me - I may have other throws for trade or PayPal.

I’m mostly looking to sell unless it’s something on my wants list or rare/cool.


Top Row

Akita - gone

Bliss CS - gone

Galaxy Diver 7075 - gone

Deluge - 75

Almighty - gone

Omnitron - gone

Grasshopper GTR Beta - 50

Cheapskate - 50

Flame - gone

Bottom Row

Marco - gone

Float - gone

SF L - gone

Rooc - gone

Aceyo Hypocrisy - gone

Kingyostar Rapid bimetal - gone

Rain City Skills NMTBS (that’s the actual name) - gone

Silenus - gone

EZSpin 3 - 20



Pm’d u


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