Plethora of yoyos

LF: Overdrive Draupnir, Banshee SS, Tourney, Death Adder, Fulvia Ultima, Mustang, Rex, Disruption

If you have anything on my wants list, please PM me - I may have other throws for trade or PayPal.

I’m mostly looking to sell unless it’s something on my wants list or rare/cool.


Pariah - gone

Caribbean Life (B grade) - gone

Wildfire - 110

Counter Jet - 100

Raytracer - gone

CF - 80

Top Deck polished - gone

Zephyr II - gone

Masamune - 60

Kodiak FG - gone

Terrarian - gone

Exit8 - gone

Elimination - 45

Promotion (B grade) - 40

Marco - gone

Bastet - gone

Chinacuda - gone


PMed about that Pariah!

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Updated. Make me an offer!

Those are some seriously good deals on some harder to find items!

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Updated again!

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