MIB Peregrine FS

Hey, I have a MIB Peregrine in the lavender colorway and am looking to sell it for $100 $90.

I’d also be happy to trade it for a Peregrine in the aqua blue colorway. Will make it worth your while!

Read my Feedback.

Have this:

Would like:

F&F please or kindly ask that you cover fees. Add $5 for shipping.


Anyone out there?

Trying a different approach… Looking for general trades now instead of a specific color.

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Winner winner chicken dinner

Steak and potatoes today

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I have a MMC soda blasted listed for sale right now if you’re interested. But I already have 2 peregrines so probably not looking to trade haha.


Haha yes the Peregrine is great! I hear you, I don’t really need 2 either. Appreciate the heads up, I’m a little low on funds atm so looking to trade or sell this little guy.


Price drop! This is a great deal!

Bippity boppity boo

Wingardium leviosa!

I have an Inferno Yoyos Twilight Phantom in purple/green. Interested?

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Thanks for the offer! I’m actually all good on trades now. Just updated the listing. It’s a great price me thinks!

It certainly is. I love the color! I just have one yoyo I don’t enjoy anymore and 0 dollarbucks. :pensive:

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Haha yes I know the feeling! I was also at 0 dollarbucks (lol) and only raised yoyo funds by returning Amazon stuff :laughing:


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Started from the bottom now we’re here