Lots of good stuff

Shipping only to USA right now. No trades. Prices are paypal Goods & Services. **ADD $5 for shipping regardless of amount of yoyos bought.

take what’s left for $80 shipped

yoyos listed left to right top to bottom

Recessed FH zero- sloppy silicon job, responsive. $23 or $18 with others

FH2- clear with clear caps, $15 with any other throw.

Rain city skills author- nmtbs w/ box $31

Unspoken paradox- some small ano bits missing on inner ring and around rims, tried to picture below. $25

SOLD One drop parlay- SOLD


message for more pics
I’ll typically respond within 24 hrs, so no need to comment “Pm’d” unless you really need to show off how impatient you are :joy:


What is the blue / orange yoyo?

Also, that is one badace green carpet! Straight out of th 70’s. :+1:

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Thats the One Drop Parlay.

That is indeed a cool rug. Makes me think of a freshly mowed lawn.