LF: OneDrop Hardcoat Kuntosh 5000QV


Hey Gnar, are you also keeping an eye on the FB BST? That’s where I scored my blue one (and missed out on a blue one a couple months prior to that). There’s also a decent chance a gray one will show up there someday too (though I got mine as NOS from eBay last year, so maybe also keep an active search setup on eBay as well).

Yeah I’m on there too and on reddit. One popped up on FB BST not too long ago but it wasnt great shape so I passed. I’m looking for a mint or near mint and I haven’t come across any in that condition :/. Thanks for the advice though!


You finally got your blue kuntosh? If so congrats

Thanks! Yeah, I finally managed to get one last month. Put a set of blue ultra-lites in it as soon as I could!

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