LF: Neato finishes, nickel/copper throws (SUDO), sidefx, a-rt, other stuff. HAVE: BC grass

LF (idc if played, not mint, or no box):
-Painted or engraved (preferably) peak/420/420L/grail/canvas/life
-ti peak, evora, anything ams by luft
-rso tiramisu
-ti triton
-that tp ti that fits caps, collapsar, hinemosu
-ANYTHING copper or nickel, (nickel cascade specifically <3)
-anything candyblasted/cannodized/hardcoated
-team edition CLYW
-SOAS pyro
-sidefx antiyo (pref SLCK-YWET/DRI-YWET) or ogbape
-RSM sidefx, stunt peg sidefx, code 2 side fx, brass lego sidefx
-any modded freehand, fh1, fhz, (extremespin, bionic, or yyn is a +)

Got a whole bunch of shiba here, left top are shelf queens, left bot are collectors curios, top right are various less-premium throws, and bottom right is the sweets/plastic bargain bin.

I’ll take cash offers but I’m mainly looking for neat throws! I’m a sucker for owning the most premium/covetted version of a collectible hence my LF–i’d be happy to offer you my throw + cash and other throws if say you have a copper/nickel/painted version of something of mine. Feel free to offer paypal and we might be able to work out something reasonable, although im a bit more inclined to keep the left half.

000 btm, summit, mcmo, gravity
pomelo, thunderberry, goji, proto goji
mechabapezilla (godzilla vers), team ed ti888, tishee (dizzo’d), gbp

deep state, panorama, 07 888 (w?) raw, 08 mud 888
alleycat, american, avantegarde 2, ag1
ti deduction, pwrhouse, sistine, beanie
sugar x2, kapital

ghost pyro
sprite, 44, lowerkase
eppendorf, luchalibre (iykyk), freehand pro preproduction, furn

2 northstars, yeti, 3d d bearing ywet
sabotage g5 (broken), bluestar g5, 2 boosts.

ty for looking ily


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