Ft/Fs- MFD Fire Devil set

Hey guys I have a mint, MFD Fire Devil Ridgeback in the over the line color way. I’m interested in trading for something different but I’ll also take cash offers as well… I love organics so let me know if you got something. I’m not picky about brands as long as the price range is close to the same. I also have the OG Fire Devil in Saturday Market In mint condition that I might also trade or sell for the right price… PHOTOS BELOW!!

I’m specifically interested in:

RSO Bowl 7068/Bowl mini
Mythril Flux
G2 Life
Fallen Angel
OST Confluence
MFD Gelada 1,2,2.1
OD Panorama
Ilyy E1ns

Well I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the idea! Hit me up with something organic!


Rumple bumple


Hey bumpy