FT/FS; Atmos Goji + Snowberry, Static Wave, OD Prescription, Thorn, Dang 2; - Name your price, looking to move these

Got these up for sale (prefer to trade). Prices below are the least I’ll accept and they include shipping. Feel free to offer more if you’re feeling generous! I accept Paypal F&F, Venmo, CashApp, or Apple Cash. G&S only if you pay the fees. CONUS, but I’d ship to Canada as well. Get these out of my hands and into yours!

Left to Right:

RCS Toonie, clear/rainbow - NM - 55 SOLD
Atmos Snowberry - NM - 30
Atmos Goji, oatmilk - NM - 30
Static Wave, olive - NM - 30

Thorn, gold/blue factory swap - NM - 30
Prescription, red/clear swap - Excellent - 42
Dang 2, blue - NM - 50

Unfortunately, I don’t have the boxes for any of these. DM for more pics. Vids available upon request.

TRADE LIST (in no particular order)

Motion Perpetual (Preferably the blue colorways)
DocPop Populist in Black or Red/Black
Atmos Pomodoro in Oatmilk
OD/Static Sudo
OD/Markmont MCMO in solid gold or a good fade
OD Burnside 20/20, not too picky on this color
OD Halifax in Melting Glacier
OD Free Solo in Purple
G2 AL7 Carbine
G2 Mini Covey
G2 Banshee 22 in Shamrock Swirl - I recognize the rarity of this. More than happy to work something out here in your favor (got some other throws we can talk about)

Open to other offers! Just shoot me a message.

Feedback thread:

For Posterity:

Previous Sales

OD Deeper State - NM, Red - $30 SOLD
OD Panorama - NQP Mint, Melting Glacier - $50 SOLD
OD Deep State - Mint, Teal/Pink Fade - $60 SOLD
NQP Moonlord Terrarian - $45 SOLD
OD Thorn - Mint, Green - $40 SOLD
OD Aitch - NM, Broken Vividly - $55 SOLD
OD Intro - NQP, dinged $25 SOLD
DocPop Bolt 2 - B Grade - $20 SOLD
OD Silhouette - Some dings, don’t affect play - $35 SOLD
RCS Popart - Dyed $30 DISPOSED
RCS Gamer Light - NM, Portals - $45 SOLD
OD Deeper State - Good, Purple - $40 SOLD
OD 1to1 - Black Velvet, NM - $55 SOLD
Atmos Goji - B grade - $35 SOLD
DocPop Popart, white - Excellent - 45 SOLD
ZGRT Janus, orange/black - NM - 55 SOLD
Black Canon, green - NM - 25 SOLD
Lunar Eclipse, clear - NM - TRADED


Is it the small or large bearing Sk8er? Also, does the Pop Art come with the counterweight?

Interested in Goji

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Still got the pop art?

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Lemme get that Janus

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