FT A-rt, CLYW, YYR, TP, SF, Mowl, Mudo. LF Hydrangea

Hello, Forum! I want to get some Hydrangea yoyos through trade. First of all, here’s my want list.

— LF list —

  1. Laurus champion edition or other special version of Laurus
  2. Ulmus
  3. Berberis
  4. Helianthus
  5. Heliopsis
  6. Lycoris
  7. Aquilegia

Here’s my yoyos for trade. I wrote their name from left to right, top to bottom

  1. Titanum yoyos

    Mustang, mustang, Ti genesis, Mudo - otto prototype, Mudo - otto, Mudo - Cortana

  2. A-rt yoyos

    D7, DK

  3. CLYW yoyos

    Artic circle 2 44clash edition, orca, peak2

  4. YYR yoyos

    Draupnir, draupnir, OG valkyrie, sygtyr, autoscopy
    Inevitable, inevitable, overdrive, stardust, messiah
    Sleipnir, sleipnir, sleipnir, gleipnir, clash

  5. TP yoyos

    Hinemosu, St. elmo, hinemosu, hinemosu
    Hades, anubis, MSG, MSG

  6. SF yoyos

    Statement, movement, movement, cadense es, cadense es, plstc

  7. Mowl

    Surveilance, M

Thank you for reading. If you have interested in trade, please send me PM.

*I’m not in USA.



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Hello sir, Can i give all of my yoyos for that peak or any CLYW ? :smiley:

Hello. That depends on what you have. I posted this thread to get the Hydrangea yoyos. So if you have the Hydrangea yoyos what I want, my answer is yes. Otherwise no.

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