FS> small purge - updated 11/28 | LF> TP colonies anyone?

Looking for TP old bimetals (Anubis, Colony, etc) will offer high for splashes and good condition solids
Willing to trade in your favor:

  • other yoyos
  • gunpla


Small purge of some yoyos that I’ve barely used: all have less than 1hour of play time each.

All are mint with packaging unless specified.
Prices shipped CONUS, we can split international.
EVERYTHING can be negotiated.

Bundle deals and offers accepted, slide in my dms I’m nice :slight_smile:

I have feedback too! ChowChowNow's Feedback


Yo-yo friends Ti Sunbird $190
G2 Ti triton v3 prototype SOLD

Silver surfers!

G2 arbiter X (patreon exclusive) $100 - pending
Yoyopalace journey $60
sOMETHING Slasher $90


Mowl Surveillance - no packaging SOLD
Huatian Banshee $70
General yo torrent 2 $30


YYR Onslaught $120
YYR Overdrive Draupnir $120 - pending

Turning sengoku!

TP Derivative, clean with 2 or 3 gray marks typical of MG - comes with black print TP pouch SOLD
TP another douska stone edition $110 - pending
Sengoku Nobumecha $70 - pending

Tagged group photo

Added new
MFD Monkeyfinger prime8 sunken treasure SOLD

Thank you for looking!


I’m generally not a fan of clear throws, but clear with shiny rims? Those look high class, especially when pictured next to one another.


:sunglasses: @tropical_vibes Take all the silvers for 250 and you can take pictures of them too


My frugal nature is battling with my inner photographer and telling the inner photographer it doesn’t have the talent to churn out one decent picture even if there were 100 shiny-rimmed silvers.

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That is a great price for the Journey, I’d nab it if I didn’t already have that same one.

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B is for bump

decent price drop

b is for buy

Hi! Interested in Mowl Surveillance …dm me?

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Added MFD - GONE

B as in banana
B as in braintwister
B as in bind