FS: Sengoku Nobunaga, 2Sick Knight


Hello all,

I have the Sengoku I got in a bad deal on FB B/S/T; trying to recoup some of my funds. Prices include priority shipping. Also open to trades, lookin for CLYW. Just added 2Sick Knight

With that said here are the yos:

Sengoku Nobunaga -$90- Black in very good condition. I could only find 2 small marks on the outer edge of the rim, possibly from being set down hard (?). Only a tiny bit of bi-metal vibe. No box, but I’ll put it in something and add in some kitty string.

2Sick Knight-$90- Adam Czapla colorway, in excellent condition. I could only find very small/light scuffs on the stainless rims; they cannot be felt and do not affect play. Plays perfectly smooth. Original plastic tube is included, but it has a crack on the top lip.


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