FS/FT: Most of my collection *MORE Price Drops*

Hello everyone, I have quite a few throws for sale or trade. I am in the US and will use PayPal for sales. Add 5$ for shipping unless buying multiple, then I will cover it. All prices are negotiable, not firm, and will be reduced for package deals. If you guys can help identify any of the missing information, that’d be dope, and I’d give you a discount on something if you want. Some of these throws come from way back in the day, and I don’t remember anything about their prices. For the last 4 throws, If you want to toss them in for a package deal, I’ll give you an especially good deal.

Trade-wise I am looking for:
A-rt other than DK (Will add cash, or trade heavily in your favor)
Anything Unique
Anything Fun
Clear/Silver/Raw Throws

Group Shot:

Duncan OrbiTAL GTX - Red w/ Silver rims. NMTBS --10/10 Smooth
(I can have the box with this if you want, it is the wooden WYYC 2019 box that has room for 2 yoyos)
https://imgur.com/gallery/2em3XdZ - $70 -> $65 -> $60

Throw Cafe Matcha x2 - Grayscale w/ silver rings NMTBS w/ capsules --10/10 Smooth
Neat Bi-Metal from Throw Cafe
(1 has a 50% finish on it, meaning it is slightly more glossy than the other. Both grind exceedingly well)
https://imgur.com/gallery/eAmD3kM - $45 -> $40 -> $38.5 each

Basecamp Navigator - Teal? w/Silver rings. Has a couple small anno flaws. --8/10 Smooth (tuneable)
https://imgur.com/gallery/ETfEGqs - $60 -> $55 -> $47.5

Yanasi Scissortail - Mossy River. NMTBS --9/10 Smooth
This is a 7075 throw that is super capable of fingerspins if you catch it correctly. Very unique and fun yoyo
https://imgur.com/gallery/MaZcxW1 - $50 -> $45

CLYW FG Sasquatch GONE
https://imgur.com/gallery/BCf1ezZ - GONE

OD Benchmark V 2013 GONE
https://imgur.com/gallery/BaWfqin - GONE

Basecamp Sherpa - Black NMTBS w/unresponsive bearing – 9/10 Smooth GONE
https://imgur.com/gallery/eOt8VYe - $15 GONE

YYF MVP3 - Red/Black Minimalist NMTBS-- 8/10 Smooth
https://imgur.com/gallery/2129hGg - $20 -> $18.5

ODxSF=SK - Red, was dropped by my girlfriend and has considerable damage on 1 cup, and a pen mark from a previous owner. It vibes a decent amount.
https://imgur.com/gallery/3jlXA5k - Red $15, GOLD GONE

OD 1to1 GONE
https://imgur.com/gallery/aNkfqER - GONE

YYF WEDGE - Clear polycarb. Axle is making a bump in 1 fingerspin dimple --has slightly more than standard wedge vibe so 6/10 Smooth?
https://imgur.com/gallery/XiONzcP - $Offer

YYF Protostar - Glow edition, 1 scrape – 6/10 Smooth
https://imgur.com/gallery/Q3KBXFW - $Offer

IKYO Agape - Anno looks like it was scratched with something real bad, also lots of damage --6/10 Smooth
I picked it up at the 2013 WYYC for free from someone, and initially planned on learning how to re anodize but never got around to it.
https://imgur.com/gallery/S0eFbuh -$idek

Radical Seas Set Sail Proto - raw, decent amount of small pinpricks and nicks, nothing too extreme. – 4/10 Smooth
I also got this from WYYC 2013
https://imgur.com/gallery/pKC9N9M -$Bruh

If any of you are looking for a specific player from the YoYoExpert Trading cards, let me know and I’ll see If I have them and give it to you for free if you order something.


I think the unknown one is an IKYO Agape

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Sent you a Pm on gold SK and 1 to 1

Sent PM on CLYW SASQUATCH or whatever it is.


also, anyone know how to do strikethrough on text? Thanks!

With [s] [/s] like this

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Bump, more price drops