Fs/Ft Hypothesis, Arbiter for sale

Hello all,

Have a couple of throws for sale
Will trade for some Saturday markets by one drop. Have the Terrarian, deep/er state, free solo, and intro. Looking to build the collection. Really interested in the lunar eclipse.

Knick on stainless steel rim, Thesis hypothesis v1, black, $40 shipped

Ano scuff, G2 Arbiter, unearthed, $75 shipped

Damaged CLYW Kodiak, summertide, with box, $50 shipped sold

Light Scuff, Clyw gorge, 80 shipped, with box sold


@Theycallmecotton Elysium


Got more pics of the pelican?? A or glitch?

Do you still have the TI Hawk could you send more pictures I am interested? How does it play? Do you have the box ?

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Bump. Kodiak, gorge, elysium, and SK still up for purchase.

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Bump. More stuff added.

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Bump. Make me an offer!

Bump. Prices lowered.

Bump. Prices lowered again!

Final price drop bump.


Holiday price drop on the arby