FS/FT: A-RT Life. Mostly LF: B7, Triptych

Originally purchased directly from A-RT by me. I wanted a plain teal Life but they were only sold with faces painted on them. With Jensen’s blessing I bought one and wiped it clean to make it plain. Near mint because of unphotographable pin prick.

Mainly looking for B7 or Triptych, always glad for a 3rd run Peak, perhaps older YYR, or maybe a Grail though I don’t know if I need one :wink:


How much would you want for it ? :slight_smile:

Hi, I originally paid $147 shipped to the EU.

Since now I’m in the states, let’s say $132 shipped within the US or $142 shipped to the EU to mostly recoup what I paid (or best offer close to that).


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All I wanted to post was LIFE but the algorithm makes me write more to make a complete sentence.

Life is what you make it

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Or not