FS: Assorted Collection (rso too) - price drops 9/28

All prices negotiable, shipping included to CONUS.

Only trades accepted:
TP Hades
OD Rev 2 in broken heart (pls)

Heterogeneity Ti - $500, mint condition, no box (has been kept in a dressel designs capsule for its whole life) gone

Twin Drive - $250, includes box, NMTBS but no damage/issues/vibe/etc.

unprld disruption - $50, couple marks, smooth
Goodlife Pharaoh+ - $75 mint w/ box
Mowl M+ - $80 mint w/ box
Motion Accelerated - $90 NMTBS on hold

will discount for multiples pls buy multiple i hate shipping

all of these are NMTBS unless otherwise mentioned, prices cheap to reflect, feel free to negotiate

YYR SYFO (b grade for unknown reason) - $35
YYR FYFO (b grade for slight nail vibe) - $30
Circle City Muse - $30 on hold
Circle City Hero - $25 on hold
Cyber Crash - $25
Unspoken Hush - sold
Kinetic Boost b grade (pulse vibe) - gone
MYY z01 focus - $20
Duncan World Class Prerelease - $30
MK1 Unicorn (comes with the caps/rings in the box and those FH caps you see) - $60
ILYY Sakura - $50
ILYY Torino (vibe) - $40
A-rt 420L (damaged, smooth but has scuffs) - sold
b!st battle rush 2 - $70
Mod44 C bearing (includes all rims) - $50
Polyform A4 - $50
CLYW Peak 2 (has some scuffs, smooth) - sold
Z stack YYF Confusion - $25 not sure how to price this one
Topyo Antidote (has some serious 5a damage) - $5 with anything else
SF PLSTC (has some scuffs) - $5 with anything else
MYY x Offset Variant - sold
Iyoyo offstring something - $10 with anything else
YYWS Capstan 22 b grade - $50
CLYW x luftverk pleak - $30


Pmd for mowl


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I’ll take the capstan!!

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