December 2013-Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

the string is yoyoexpert edition, the yoyo is a yoyoexpert edition sr-71 and im wering a red black and white shirt

Some thing went wrong cause the pics not there

My Christmas yoyoexpert Christmas tree!Thrading cards and string as decoration and my yoyo and yoyoexpert sticker as the star!

My newly christened MacBook Pro 15 ;D

My new and improved reading lamp! :slight_smile:

Needed a display…
Found some K’nex!
Problem Solved!!!

Here is my YoyoExpert Christmas Tree! Happy Holidays!


I see you are new,welcome to the forum :smiley:

Fixed :slight_smile:

Here is a pic of my DM2 and Trinity along with some expert strings.

Decided to stick it on my Monster Jam Official Souvenir Year Book from 2004, with some pics of the two Signatures I got. That was my mom’s Christmas gift to me that year, and seeing as yo-ing has had me since 06, I figured it works well together.


My wife the Bean Mizer says she doesn’t like yo-yoing that much…but I caught her dreaming about YYE.

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2013 has been a good year.

Here’s my home made yoyo king display!


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Here’s my home made yoyo king display!

That actually is really cool. I think I might make something similar actually, I would like a cool looking place to put my throws.

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here’smy home made yoyo king display