Crazy cheap bundle. trade/sale: 2sick grandmaster, slim dunk, etc. Trade for: fallen angel, aitch, ministar

Only looking to trade in the USA
Trade interests:
Fallen angel
Ministar 2
Clear Onedrop aitch
Aceyo air v2

Trying to downsize, I’ll trade in your favor

For trade or sale:
Prices are PayPal f&f, contact me for G&S prices (gotta do more math thanks to the taxes)

Take everything left for $60 shipped !

2sick grandmaster - minor ano burn $35
Nqp one drop nitro - sold
Slim dunk-30
Toybania thing v2$Holding onto it for now
Unspoken paradox-add on $14
Fhz modded- add on $10 no caps
Vintage butterfly - sold

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