Couple G2 added ISO IPHONE 12 or up! One drops added Huge collection sell off

Looking to trade yo-yos for an Apple Watch Series 4 or up preferably the 44mm model.
My series 1 is showing its age haha need something a bit newer now pm me if you have one for trade will post pics of trades later !

Add $6 for shipping will do deals on multiple prices conus thanks for looking !
Smashing interlagos $50
Static co wave SOLD
Eternal throws Lyra $35
Topyo encores $50
Duncan mono haymaker $30

Left to right too to bottom

Duncan exit 8 blue camo $50

Batsquatch brass ring SOLD

Basecamp expedition $50

Clyw orca fools gold SOLD

Gruntbull orbis 5 custom ano $65

Ohyesyo creamsicle lust $90

G2 wolf monthly throw colorwaySOLD

Throwing sideways Sistine minty $50

Duncan tourney $50

Damian Puckett brass throw can’t remember name! $55

Smashing yo-yos spectacle SOLD

G2 Arby’s sauce big boi 420 or 430 lol $80

Clyw scout fools gold SOLD

Tenyo drop bear SOLD

Canary in a coal mine has a couple marks but smooth $50


2sick tempo $65

David something bimetal apathy SOLD

Duncan yoshicuda $60

Throwing sideways partheon $75

Bgrade hummingbird $50

G2 campaign don’t know which one SOLD

Yyf bimetal $25

Vosun ezspin spider edition $30

Clyw Big Dipper $30

Anomaly yo-yos stainless steel yoyo blasted $60

One drops for sale gave up on my hunt for collecting them all certain models not attainable for me in this economy! Hope they go to someone that will love them like I did
Nitro $45
Toxic hazmat SOLD
Aitch $60
Virtuoso SOLD
1to1 SOLD
Yetlets $65
Summit SOLD
Benchmark o $40
Halifax SOLD
Terrain $60
I believe a sugar glider $60
Dang 2 $60
Cracked spring rain rally PENDING
Cafe racer has a ding or two SOLD
Rebirth SOLD
Markmont next SOLD
Clique not sure if it’s the 1st or 2nd TRADED
Og dietz SOLD
Project two SOLD
M1 $80
Yfactor SOLD
Dingo I believe with markmont sig not sure how true it is $80
G2 sl1000 SOLD
G2 banshee 2022 Arkham splash SOLD

Add $6 for shipping conus thanks!


I have a series 3 basically brand new

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Pmd u

I have a series 4 I’ve ever used if you’re interested


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Added a big chunk of collection

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Pm’d for scout

Bump some sold

@JSERR splash cafe racer

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Bump post updated

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Can I ask what you’re using for a case? It looks similar to one I’m using for screws, nails, and other hardware.

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Reallly needing an iPhone hmu!