🌴🐊 Central Florida Yoyo Club πŸͺ€ - Meetup September 18th!

I wont be there. But hey maybe we can plan another one for September?

I’m gonna be in Orlando sept 17, 18 and 19 for my birthday anyway so that’ll be easy for me atleast if you guys wanna meet up around then as well.

@Grunt @MarkD @Raindog3030 and the other 20 something yoyoers in Florida


This was a blast and I met a lot of new folks AND old friends!

Time to peace out to Georgia in a couple days.


Hey everyone, we’re doing it again! Same place, similar time. Hope to see y’all there, feel free to share this flyer in groups and other forums (or print 'em out and fly 'em about!)


Bumping this up as a reminder.

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Friendly reminder, yoyo club is tomorrow!

See y’all there!