Zune HD


Is this very similar to the Touch? I know it’s not in all aspects but I’m mainly wondering about surfing the web.

What are some positives and negatives about the Zune HD?


I don’t think it has Wifi…I’ll have to go check.
Ok yes it does have Wifi, but my friend got the Zune HD and it worked, but that was about it. Even though I hate Apple, the whole iTouch thing works very well. The Zune’s screen is just a little too small. (This was like 2 or 3 months ago though so I might be forgetting =P)


Zune shop doesn’t have near as many apps or music as iTunes. You can’t get a card for their shop, you have to pay with a credit/debit card. Has wifi like you want but I don’t know about 3-G. Definately go with the iTouch. You won’t regret it. But the Zune HD isn’t a bad choice either. It’s better for watching movies on it. Hope this helped!


I’m not really worried about 3g but I guess it would be a plus… I’m around a WiFi signal 99% of the time.

The store doesn’t really matter to me either.

I, mainly, want to know about web browsing. Is it capable of going to any website and posting like the Touch? Ease of use? Annoying?


I thought this would fit


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The iPod touch is amazing when it comes to web browsing, it’s not hard at all, you can expand pages an post on forums with ease. It’s pretty cool actually.


That vid is funny! And it can post but safari is way better than the crap the zune runs! Apple rules!


if you dont know what you are talking about dont say bad things about the Zune… It has a much better music system both on the zune and computer, you can share music with friends, Wifi works like a dream, you can get apps, i have one an i love it… and it doesnt break if you hold it in you hand… research and you will find it is much much better than the touch

not true you can get cards anywhere and you dont have to connect a credit card to your account so there is no problem with buying stuff. Please do the research.

Dont buy something just because it has the letter “i” infront of it.


I know how the Touch works as I’ve had an iPhone for 2.5 years. My brother got a Zune HD when they came out and I was just curious about them. He lives in NYC so I can’t mess w/ his to see for myself…

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Don’t know about the Zune, but the iTouch Is really nice, simple to use, but a bad thing is, The Back gets scratched up easily.


It doesn’t require the use of itunes, which makes it immensely better.

Your friends will think you’re weird for not buying apple products, but you yo-yo so you shouldn’t care anyway.

It doesn’t have an apple on it, which makes you less lame if you own a Zune.


Ah, the Apple vs. MS stuff is so silly… I love Apple products but I used my brothers Zune very briefly just looking at his music and thought it was pretty nifty.

Like I said, I’ve had an iPhone for over 2 years and I’d just like to try something different but don’t want to if the internet browsing sucks…


What is the best way to get the Zune to work w/ a Mac? I’ve heard Parallels but I’m not sure how all that works…



Looking there it seems you can either run parallels or do it through windows via boot camp.

Look through that it might help you figure it out.

I don’t use mac products do to personal reasons so I can’t really help you through experience.

I will say that if there is a product out there, it’s probably been hacked 30 different ways to make everyone happy.


Well, I’ve been reading about it and it seems like it can be done. I ordered a 32gb Zune HD so let us hope… :smiley: