YYR FS: Valkyrie


Work has slowed down, More time to be on the forum, Looking to sell.

YYR Valkyrie($150 shipped PP)
-MIB, Ever the slightest vibe on a bad throw…otherwise smooth as they come.

Switching over to paintball.


Puffin is gone


I’m digging that Wooly MarkMont! I wish I had something you wanted to trade.


Wait you have been trying to sell this same yoyo since 2014? ???


I see why you would say thatXD.
Na, this is just an old thread that I saved for a long time.
I sold much more since I started this one thread. I recycle.


All I see is the yoyo in the first post from 2014… the last two pages are all the word “bump”… what the heck are you selling? Does any of this make any sense, to anyone?


Always look for the “last edit” date at the bottom of the post. Also, I am interested in this, just gotta wait a couple of days until I get paid.


Sorry to hear the misunderstanding. I re-use and update my BST thread.
Everything for sale is always pictured and is on the first topmost post. Everything else if just bumps.

Also, thank you aszyd for your interest.
Please send a pm when your are ready to barter.

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