YYF Superstar Snag. I need help.

(Johnny T) #1

Okay whenever I try to do a jade whip and then flip it. It snags back to my hand and hurts alot. Can you help?

P.S: I used Perfect Fit String.

(yoyobot) #2

please dont use language like that as kids can access this forum thanks


Oh come on, don’t you think you’re over reacting? If you’re worried about kids surfing the internet, words like ‘‘hell’’ should be the least of your worries.

(yoyobot) #4

i know but some parents might not want even that word seen ( i know its silly but…)


About the snag, maybe you have old string or there’s something wrong with the bearing. Try cleaning the bearing.


And yet, this is a profanity free forum, so we want to keep this place as family friendly as possible.

Anyway, try to keep the string as center in the gap as you can. Also, don’t give the gap too much slack, or else it’s more liable to grab the response. I’m surprised the SS is snagging on you, because it has a humongous gap. So you are probably just giving it too much slack.