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This “Blog” will be where i will be expressing my feelings about the YYE SE DM. I feel the need to just have a post here to talk about it instead of keeping it to myself. Hopefully, this will have posts until the end of the Stock of YYE SE DMs. I am hoping that I will get one before that though.

Blog post #1 - 10.30 P.M. 5th June, 2009, Singapore.

Hey Blog! This is my first post!

Ahh yes, as you should know the YYE SE DM was released on 5th June, 2009. This is a beauty of a yoyo. One look at it and you know you need to have it. I know I need it, but whether I can get it is a different story. If i manage to lay my hands on one, i don’t think I’ll be throwing it, but rather just keeping it in a box, without it’s bearing to prevent rust.
I am really hoping i can get one, but only 100 were made! I was kind of worried about this, because i probably would not be able to get one. I am really hoping that there will still be at least 20 in stock by the 12th of June, so that I can buy a new breed along with a YYESEDM to save on the shipping.

Man the appearance of this yoyo is stunning. The mirror caps are beautiful, and it would be nice to have in my collection. Its a mixture of Black, Dark Blue, Mirror and Invisible, a beautiful mix of colors. Excellent choice YYE! I was really expecting a Red and Black DM!

I’m really hoping that i can get one. I’m getting nervous, as the stock decreases. I really really hope that there will still be stock by the end of 12th June. Sigh, i’m going crazy about this. The stock is gonna get lower by the day. Why was this released on the 5th/4th of June? Is there a specific reason? Will there be stock by the time the New Breeds come out? Why were only 100 made? Will I manage to buy one? Will my mother let me? Why weren’t there 250 made? Will i have enough cash? What does this have to do with you? What will I do with the yoyo if I buy it? Why am I asking these questions? Why are the colors blue and black, and not red and black? Why am i asking you?

Random thoughts: 14 were bought today. Does that mean 14 will be bought every consecutive day? 14 x (12-5) = 98
So if 14 are bought every day from now to the 12th, will there still be 2 left?
Why were 100 made, and not 150 or 200 or 250 or just 50? Was it Andre’s idea?
Why are they gonna be limited, and not just continuously made?
Why is it blue, and not red, like the YYE Logo?
Whats with the black anno? Why not red Anno and black body or blue anno red body or something like that? Why are all SE DMs black anno?
What made Andre decide to make these?
Are you gonna be buying one?
Post a post below and talk about your thoughts and random questions!

Progress on 5th June (SG time):
Stock at the beginning of the day: 100
Stock at the end of the day: 86

And thats the first post. More to come soon my friends!

What happened today:
100 YYE SE DM’s released
SR put a post on the forums revealing it
Advertised on YoYoSkills.com
14 were sold
I did not buy one

Blog post #2 - 10.30 A.M. 6th June, 2009, Singapore.

Hey blog! Its been about 12 hours since my last post! I’m getting even more nervous as the stock of this dark magic lowers. The new dark magic has been announced on the first page of YYE.com, and now more people know about it. This is good news for them, but bad news for me, because I’m waiting for the 12th! :frowning:

I’m starting to wonder, Does YYE Publicizing this make more people buy some more of these? Am i really starting to use addments a lot? How is this relevant? Why am i asking you? Why is this post so much shorter than the first one? Are you listening?

Progress on 6th June (10:30) Singapore:
Stock from last post: 86
Stock at the time of this post: 77

I am pretty sure that the dm’s were released about 14 hours before my last post. So in 14 hours, around 14 went. Now from 12 hours, about 9 have been sold. Will there be a pattern that I can observe? Will i continue to post here at 10:30? Am I going crazy? Why do I like posting questions? That is the question for you to answer. Answer the questions, you must, and fulfill your destiny.

And thats ends my post K thx bai.

What happened from the last post:
9 DM’s were sold
77 DM’s left
The DM’s have been announced on the YYE Home page
I don’t have one yet

Blog post #3 - 10.00 P.M. 6th June, 2009, Singapore.

Hey Blog! Its been around 11 hours 30 mins since the last post. It seems like the rate that the dm’s are being sold at is decreasing. 11 hours ago, there were 77, and now there are still 73 left. Either the rate at which they are being sold is decreasing, or it is night time for most people. I am assuming that everyone who wanted one already bought one, which means that I might stand a chance at getting one! Yay! But whether or not my mother lets me buy one is a different story.

There really isn’t much on this post. Now for the question frenzy! Why am i questioning again? Is this random? Will I get a DM? Will the rate that they sell in the next 12 hours increase drastically? Will i get a new breed? Will my mother let me? We will find out on the 12th…

Random thoughts, Maybe no one is buying them because they already bought them. Maybe everyone is waiting for the new breed, and will be buying them together, and from my estimate of 50 in stock, it will drop drastically to 0-10 in less than half a day. This is what I’m scared of. If you are planning to do this, tell me. Maybe no one is buying these, because they want cuts! My predictions: The rate stock will stop decreasing in 4 posts, and it will drastically decrease on the release of the new breed.

77 since the last post
73 left on this post
The ad on the front page has moved to page 2! Less people will know now!
I still don’t have one
I’m starting to worry.

So thats it.

Blog post #4 - 11.00 P.M. 7th June, 2009, Singapore.

Hey Blog! I failed to make a blog post with progress! But i did see at about 10:00 A.M., there were about 66 DM’s in stock. So to make up for that missing blog post:

Progress by 7th June 2009, 10:00 A.M.:
73 since the last post
66 on this time
Don’t have one yet

I’m starting to worry about my mother not letting me buy one. Will i get one? Why am i getting so cheesy? Are you getting tired of these questions? Why am i asking you?

Progress by 7th June 2009, 11:00 P.M.:
66 13 hours ago
64 now

From 25 hours to 13 hours ago, the rate that they were being sold was increased drastically. This is not good for me. I hope they don’t run out of stock.

There really isn’t much on this post. Thats all ;D

Blog post #5 - 11.30 A.M. 8th June, 2009, Singapore.

Hey Blog! Its only 4 more days to the release of the New Breed, and the stock of DM’s is going down, really fast.

64 in last post
52 now

Man the rate is increasing. I’m really hoping i can get one.

Blog post #6 - 11.00 P.M. 8th June, 2009, Singapore.

Wow these aren’t even looking like blog posts anymore. Anyway, half of the DM’s are gone. 3 days, 50 DM’s. If this rate keeps up, there probably won’t be anymore by the time the new breeds come out.

52 in last post
49 now

These are really going fast. Not as fast as the peaks, but still fast.

Blog post #7 - 9.40 P.M. 9th June, 2009, Singapore.

Hey blog! Now i don’t actually think these are gonna last to the 12th. They are definitely gonna run out soon. I am surprised that the rate that they are going down is so fast, and consistent, and not dropping.

49 about 11 hours ago
42 now

The rate is going up. This is not good :frowning:

Blog post #8 - 10.30 P.M. 10th June, 2009, Singapore.

Aww man, theres only 30 in stock left! This is definitely not good! The rate just doesn’t get affected! If this keeps up which is likely, I will not be able to get one of these with a new breed :’(

42 13 hours ago
30 left

Sharks this is bad.

Blog post #9 - 8.40 A.M. 12th June, 2009, Singapore.

Okay, in Singapore, the New Breed is coming out at 12 P.M., which is afternoon, which i was not expecting. So basically i have a good chance of getting a dark magic. I decided not to buy a new breed here, because of the colors. Only black and orange, i was hoping for a purple or green one.

So I’m not gonna get a new breed anymore, but i will be getting a DM!!! There are still 21 in stock! yay! I think im gonna get one! So happy! My mother let me get one!

At 11th June, 11.00 P.M., there were 24 or so left
At 12 june 8.40 A.M., there are 21 left
Andre Announced that New Breeds were coming out in like 3 hours!!! YAY!!!

EDIT: Yay, i decided to get a new breed from a local store in a few weeks instead. But i ordered a YYE Dm! So happy ;D

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Haha, i’m starting to like Addments :smiley:


If this keeps up Pheenix will trademark it…

(Mark) #5

Personally, I think the addment is useful.


I really hate when people use addments. Its Pheenix’s thing, and IMO, it works for him.


Ahh okay i’ll stop using them for Pheenix’s sake :smiley: Sorry Pheenix :frowning:


New post!


By YYE homepage, do you mean YYS?


no i literally meant http://yoyoexpert.com , but thanks for pointing that out!

(Mitch) #11

You asked why they came out… I think its for Yoyo day…

(JonasK) #12

Because I made them, HA. I find it to be a lot cooler than “To round things off” or something like that.


New post ;D

(Ryan) #14

hmmm from my point of view i think you’ll get the DM because its the same thing as the ogopogo Bvm like in the first run they were out in a few days but in the 2nd run they barely got sold and still in stock…so yeah!
But i doubt you will get the new breed because so many people wants it and it will be release in the morning in the US, unfortunately for us(Asians) morning there is night here so you got to be awake at 3 or 4 am to buy it…
But this is only my prediction.


Man that would be kinda sad :’( I’m really hoping andre gets a LOT of stock here

(Cinimod105) #16

For me, I may be getting 2 of them, put the sides with the o-rings together, and silicone recessing them, before making it my main player.
For the starburst pair, I would store it for a very long time before deciding whether to sell it or continue keeping it in my collection.


Your probably getting one :wink: