Yo, who here duels and plays?

I play on a free Yugioh Online Server called KCVDS.

I just want to see who is still into this stuff. If you are and you have an account or a deck, post it here.


I did a long time ago.

I have a beastly deck, I have like 2 Titans or Gods or whatever… I traded one a long time ago, I would trade you my ownage deck.


Nah. I’m good with my spellcasters.


my friend has a deck but after becoming friends with me. (I dislike Yu-Gi-Yo due to things used in it.)
and I haven’t seen nor heard anything about it.


What sort fo things?


I used to. Got out of it a while ago. I didn’t have a good deck, but I had fun. I had a titan also :slight_smile:


God Cards were illegal.

I think that’s what you mean by Titan.


I was into it. It was AWESOME. Until my parents stopped letting me buy them and I sold them on Ebay for like $60.


i play occasionaly and i will pwn u alll ;D


hahaa im still into it… but not that much. :]
my friends and i duel once in a while. and i stay kicking a**!!

i own a dark emperor which will beast on anyone.
and i also have an awesome Dragon and zombie deck.
Darkness and Zombie Dragon anyone?.. hahaa

Raviel ftw.


I have s pretty sick deck, but I don’t play anymore.


Eat my Dark pali And my 2 wicked cards. Wicked Avatar And wicked eraser!!!1


You guys have any online Yugioh Accounts. KCVDS is a free Yugioh online server.

(Ryan) #14

i did last time but i was too bored with it…last time i use a dark armed dragon deck and a gigaplant FTK

(JonasK) #15

I used to play a version on DS. Don’t even know how that online game works.

Addment: Any possible way to get into that game… sounds semi-interesting,


Hahahahah, I saw a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in Youtube… I was so shock!, there are so many players out there…i notice at the back of the card is color yellow or white, not the “black hole” drawing on it! :slight_smile:

Here in The Philippines, There are so many Yu-Gi-Oh DeckPacks here…price range is 1-4$ only…

It is so rare when you see a group playing Yu-Gi-Oh, much more Magic:The Gathering…

(Cinimod105) #17

Among adults, poker cards are more popular.


Ok I didn’t play on DS but I did used to play it. Still have the cards and would love to play it again cause my deck was pretty tight.
On this KCVDS thing, do you type in the serial numbers of your cards or something?


KCVDS is just a piece of “enabler” software, for lack of a better term. This sort of software has been around a while for older games like M:tG, and they all basically work the same way. You play people online, but have a database of scanned cards that normally come with the software you’re using.

You can pretty much assemble any deck you want (as you have most, if not all, printed cards available to you) provided you follow whatever deck-building rules are in effect with the people you play with. Just remember that KCVDS, at this point in time, is maintained by just one guy and is definitely a “work in progress” that will take some time to get where it wants to go.

I still actively play YGO and M:tG with local groups at the handful of gaming shops in my area. I don’t mess much with the online stuff.

If you’re looking for the “authentic” online Yu-Gi-Oh experience…


(Ryan) #20

same here i use to go and play at local game stores…
Btw if you go to game stores and play often i bet your good…
What deck do you use?