Yoyos they are hurtful


so was working on my eli hops yesterday and as the yoyo was coming down i smacked my self right in the eye OWCH my first reaction was to look around and see if anyone saw… no one did thankfully.

do any of you guys have yoyo related accidents and was anyone around to see them

i would imagine that alot of 4a 2a and a few 5a people would have more accidents

(Jeromy K.) #2

There is a few threads that talk about injuries, and usualy my wife is there to laugh at me,after she laughs she will call me a dork then we both laugh. YAH Good Times, Good Times :’(

(Erik) #3

My son is 5 and he thinks it is the funniest thing when I get hurt. Usually just a knuckle rap. He’d probably bust a gut laughing if I hit myself in the head…



Getting hit in the face with a Legacy and a DM is no fun…no fun at all.

(empirestrings) #5

i have a scar from my hitman on my eyebrow, it splatered blood all over the place, hitman vs. man, lol


And Hitman WINS!!!


I got hit on the head by a DM, I was doing a skin the gerbil, and somehow the yoyo came and hit my head. I almost got knocked out, like on the floor.

I almost got hit more than 20 times. The yoyo comes, and you duck. ;D

(empirestrings) #8

i didnt duck fast enough,


I was messing around with some 5A tricks and my Legacy comes right at my eye…I don’t even remember how it happened, but I saw a flash when it hit me. ::slight_smile:

Anyways, it didn’t leave a mark, nothing noticeable at least. So, it’s all good, I suppose.

And of course there is the occasional hit on my hand.


Yeah, my worst was a bind knot which led to hitting myself in the eye. No good for me!


lol just recently, i was playing with my meteor. I lost control of my bind, while i was binding, i pulled to hard, i didn’t release my string and it flew into my face, near my nose. It hurt for like 20 seconds, and my nose felt dislocated, and i was recording myself, and you can hear the whack in the camera… I might put up a video of it. But no bruise, nothing noticable.


I almost took some lady out with my 888 at Walmart the other day.

It was an accident, I swear.


Well, this isn’t a valid argument anymore, but do any of the old timer’s remember Shoot the Moon? You can’t do em now a days with the unresponsive yoyo’s, but I used to teach classes and man, I have never seen so many injuries. If you haven’t seen the trick, you should see if you can find a vid, the actual nickname for it was Black Eye lol. And it lived up to that name!!! :smiley:


Oh- New best-Eli Hops yesterday–on the way down it binded and nailed my finger— the bottom half is still purple!



I didn’t break anything or bleed, but I have hurt myself before. I used to have a Duncan butterfly (It was horrible) and it never sleeped. One day I tried throughing a sleeper as hard as I could, but it came up and hit my hand really hard. The shape and everything just made it a lot worse. I needed ice on my hand for a while after that. But I was young andVERY stupid, so I just kept on doing it over and over again. Just a few days ago, I found it under my bed. I threw it REALLY hard, and I got hurt again. I got so mad at it, that I ran upsteers and though it at the driveway from the window as hard as I could. It was then that I found out why they sell so good. THOSE THINGS ARE INDESTRUKTABLE!!! It just didn’t break. Never get that yoyo.

(empirestrings) #16

i had a butterfly, and i ended up destroying it with a dremel, cause it pissed me off so bad… i should have taken pictures… lol… after the dremel i set it on fire… good times…

(Emily) #17

I was doing off string and it missed the string and hit my head. :frowning: was not fun

(JonasK) #18

My dog seems to have a real interest in about anything that moves, including yoyos. He tried to catch my yoyo once and got it in the head.

(Raphael) #19

i love looping with the butterfly since it doesnt sleep very well,i even learnt loop the loops with it!
and doing tricks where the yoyo pops in the air almost always hits my face, eli hops, kwijibo, spirit bomb ect.

(Mark) #20

hahaha. I was practicing a grind that required a under the shoulder on to wrist and I kept on landing too fast and bruised my wrist. It hurts alot! Also, I tried throwing a trapeze and the string got caught from my last bind and hit me in the face. (Don’t know how in the world that could happen but it did.) Last, my friend wanted to try my Speed Maker out which was on the verge of unresponsive and threw it a couple times. It was responsive but after the tenth time, it was semi responsive and when the pulled it up, it lauched up higher than his face and finally kicked in and the momentum drew the yoyo towards his face. It was funny.