Yoyoing can do lots!


Well, I went to a 4th of July party thingy, I had lots of fun. I pretty much yoyoed the whole time, and I impressed a lot of people, one person actually gave me money! :smiley: ;D
There was this cyrcus sort of thing, there was one act that was Diabolos. After the show, the guy came to talk to me, he didn’t yoyo, but he loved to diabolo. He kind of inspired me to do more diabolos, I don’t do too much, and he said I inspired him to yoyo! Its funny how things can work out.

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how much money did you

i did the same thing here on the 4th but i don,t get money but numbers there were lots of girls and they realy yoyoing :wink:

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and two day i went to wal mart ad got me another mosqito then went to the front and pull out my dark magic an killed it.this time i got money,and they were having a girl scott cookie sell thing and they ask my to yoyo by there stand 8)
it was the best day ever :wink: :wink: :wink:


It’s spelled circus :wink:

I haven’t really gotten anything out of it other than the occassional “Oh that’s cool.” “Where’d you learn all that from?” but I still like it. Oh and when I go to Boston on Wednesday for a week I might be visiting New York for a day because I know some people there that I met through yoyoing. =)


Oh, sorry, I knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:
I was kind of tired when I wrote this, it was 11:00 at night after a huge 4 of July party.

And I got like…2 bucks, not too much, but it shows how impressed they were.


“Where’d you learn all that from?”

The internet.

“Chey!” (Something like “Oh!” or “So easy” or “Duh” or “I could do that too!”)

Its really irritating how learning from the internet is an “easy” thing.


What do you mean it’s irritating? I’ve learned every trick off of the internet so you’re a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha it is very very annoying to hear people complain about how “easy” yoyoing is, and then it’s kind of funny to see them try.


What I mean is that its irritating how people think that since i’m learning it from the internet, it is easy.


Thats a good thing. :slight_smile: You’d want that to happen!

Only if that was me and he was a YoYoJam representative… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thats all i get :-\


I don’t even get that :stuck_out_tongue:

They say “What is that?” and I say “a Yo-Yo” they either say “Nerd!!!” or just walk away :stuck_out_tongue:


I though that I had that 300 dollars won at the talent show. Apparently some girl walked up to the stage, made a sad face and said:

“I wrote this song myself, hope you enjoy it.”

I looked at the judges and they started writing down here score.


Haha, I usually get the same response as Apetrunk. Most people want to see Brain Twister again, even though Split the Atom is the coolest to watch, IMO. And when people ask me “What is that?” and I say, “Oh, just my yoyo.” like Evan said, they usually ask me if I can do any tricks. I don’t see why people think yoyoing is nerdy. Bunch of crazies…

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yeah i was doing it while waiting for a bus and i got 27$

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im not even very good


i rob banks instead

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i tried that once


i like money million!

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shut up bro