YoYoExpert Video Battle Contest Round 2! (Beginner Poll) Kim-Lan Vs. knobbemoki1


Here they are folks!




Both great, But im for Kim


i’m goin with knobbemoki1! he is pretty good!


when this started i was gunna enter as a beginner! glad i didnt! if this is begginer i have no idea what i am! lol good job guys!




I know all you little boys wanna vote for Kim-Lan and I also know why. Now while she was smoother in her choice of tricks and is a very decent yoyo’er, Knob’s tricks were a much higher level. He threw a Plan D in there, wich Kim-Lan didn’t even come close too. I give it to Kim for fluidity, but my vote goes to Knob for the higher difficulty of tricks. Smooth those out a bit bro, and you have a great future on your hands!


I agree with oldschool
kim-lan was good but her tricks were easy
knob put in a plan d and kim lan didnt even get close to spirit bomb which knob also did
so I vote for knob


I agree- But i like Kim’s smooth play and style more.


FYI, it’s supposed to only be the first five tricks of knobbemoki’s.


Knob have better level but Kim is smoother.
so i can’t vote…
contrats to you 2


oh at first i didn’t notice that Knob did more than 5 trick.
so i supose i have to vote for you Kim :wink:


yea I did more than I was supposed too ;D. I was having too much fun. But samad only counted five, so it is fair. also, great vid KimLan