YoYoExpert Video Battle Contest Round 1! (Beginner Poll)


Well, the competitors have posted their videos, so please vote for who you think should win! Each vote gives them a point, so please vote!
Here are the videos!


Kim-Lan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAHN65dtXgk

(Mark) #2

Both of you nice job! Steven, great complexity. You made very slight almost invisible mistakes. Kim-Lan, good job on your speed and dexterity. However, you made a few mistakes that are visible at the ending of your trick barrage. It was a tough decision.



Great job both of you! I will have results posted by 6:30 PST. Once one person gets 10 votes, I will lock the voting, and show the results.


Steven, he hit the string more times XD

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #5

Man, this is close. My video is bad, had to do it in 1 night. I think Kim is going to win.


I did nearly all of my video today, but yeah, votes are tied right now. you’re winning on votes.


Results! Plus the vote points.

I am not the best judge, so I judged twice, and evened it out:

Steven: 46 points!
Kim-Lan: 52 points!

Congrats to Kim-Lan. You are moving to the next round! Don’t worry Steven, you may not completely be out now. But still, you are not moving on in the tournament. Sorry! Check the original posts for updates often.

(Ryan) #8

hey steven in the first 11 seconds of your video there is this whip trick what’s that trick called?


its a jade whip. He just swung the slack around a few times before whipping.


Great music Kim-Lan! :wink: Good job, both of you! =]

~yo! shi!