Yoyoexpert Made the right Choice on Icthus!


Well, as all of you probably know, Icthus is now a moderator. I just want us to give him a big Thank

you, as he has been doing a great job at it. I know I’m not the only person who has noticed that

he’s moved many things that were in incorrect catagories, making the forum a more organized, or

even, a better place.



I agree. Icthus has made everything more organized. Also, all of our mods here rock. :smiley:

(JonasK) #3

He fix things, and he’s pretty good at it.


Icthus is really helpful and awesome!


yes ur right he is quite a good moderator and ive caught him in chat a few times and he helpd me lot [glow=green,2,300]goooo icthus :D[/glow]