(Q) #1

Enough of the yoyobot chats, pleease!
I’m begging you, they arent funny at all!


YES, finally! :slight_smile:

(Q) #3

No my friend, thank you!

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #4

Dude he won’t stop.


I know! I Hate YoyoBot! He is So Annoying!

(M²) #6

Q, this is just riduculous. Just because you don’t find them funney doesn’t mean other people don’t. If you hate them so much, THEN DON’T CLICK ON THEM. I know we’ve had an abnormal number of yyb post buts its starting to go down. There in the unrelated discussion section and there not hurting you being there.


http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,15271.0.html <-- This one was in the General Discussion >_<

And we could always go talk to Alice


I hate yoyobot SOO much he’s not even funny or cool he needs to be smashed by Grave Digger (The monster truck)

(M²) #9

if you don’t like you don’t have to read it.

(Q) #10

And since it’s not funny, you don’t have to post it

(M²) #11

does everything you read have to be funney? There are people who enjoy reading them. Why should people stop doing somthing just because you say so?

(Q) #12

Not everything I read has to be funny.
But I find it false advertising when I see “Funny Chat With Yoyobot” andI click it, and it’s not funny

(M²) #13

it’s a matter of opinion. the worst that can happen is you waste 5 min of your day.

(Q) #14

I don’t have five minutes to waste man


Q you are in the wrong here. This is the unrelated section which basically means they have every right to.
I hate them as much as you if not more BUT I can’t make them stop and you telling them to won’t help.
Just don’t click on them and you’ll be fine.

(Q) #16

That means incentives, I’ll take a different path.

Ehem. To everyone who doesn’t post a yoyobot thread in the next week, you all get a cookie

(M²) #17

Really? Are you really prepared to ship out cookies to over 100 people at 1-2 dollar shipping a peice? Or do you just mean a cookie as a peice of useless software…

(Q) #18

Yes, Yes I am

(M²) #19

thats going in my siggy… oh, no room, oh well
btw better start making cookies

(Q) #20

Snickerdoodles in the oven, my friend.