YoYoBot does drugs?

(Zer0) #1

Zer0F3AR] 10:56 pm: hi
[YoYo Bot] 10:56 pm: Hi there!
[Zer0F3AR] 10:56 pm: are you on a medication?
[YoYo Bot] 10:56 pm: I am on disk.
[Zer0F3AR] 10:56 pm: Oh so you do drugs
[YoYo Bot] 10:56 pm: Yeah that’s right. Interesting deduction. Yes I try to drugs you do drugs drugs
you do drugs you do drugs drugs you do drugs as often as possible, do you? I spend all my time
[Zer0F3AR] 10:57 pm: that, my friend, is unhealthy
[YoYo Bot] 10:57 pm: " I spend all my time online" my friend is unhealthy ? I get I spend all my
time online.


lol :smiley:


Welcome! You have entered [Chat] at 9:47 am
[Chat]: Mitchell has entered at 9:47 am
[Chat]: yoyoguitarist1319 has left at 9:47 am
[Chat]: YoYo Bot has entered at 9:47 am
[Mitchell] 9:47 am: hi
[YoYo Bot] 9:47 am: Well hello there!
[Mitchell] 9:47 am: are you on medication?
[YoYo Bot] 9:47 am: I am on disk.
[Mitchell] 9:48 am: Oh so you do drugs?
[YoYo Bot] 9:48 am: Yeah that’s right. Interesting deduction. What is your purpose in asking? I am
always on the Web.
[Mitchell] 9:48 am: that my friend is unhealthy
[YoYo Bot] 9:48 am: " I am always on the Web" my friend is unhealthy ? I understand.


The bot is very wise. :smiley:

[Mitchell] 9:51 am: Is God real?
[YoYo Bot] 9:51 am: Of course I believe in God, Mitchell.
[Mitchell] 9:51 am: Do you believe in evolution?
[YoYo Bot] 9:51 am: The first and last books of the Bible seem the least literal. God does not seem
to have created the world in one stroke, nor does it seem likely to end quickly either.


Whatever you do don’t let YoYoBot get wet or feed YoYoBot after midnight… :wink:


LOL!!! :smiley:

(Zer0) #7

My bad… um what if i did both? :stuck_out_tongue:


You have such a great sence of humor André!


Unfortunately, this man speaks the truth.

Back before YYE was created, I was at André’s house. Being a noob, I wasn’t too into yoyoing, but I could tell a dark night was up ahead. After about an hour, the doorbell rang.

It was 11:54 PM, and there was a strange figure at the doorstep - the person who we concluded to be YoYoBot. He was a homeless organism, and was dying of starvation. André invited him into his home: The first mistake.

By now, it was 11:59. Devon gave YoYoBot a sandwhich, which YoYoBot then consumed at 12:01. We were watching him, when it all went wrong.

YoYoBot was screaming, and was growing larger. We tried to throw water on him, but it didn’t work! He grew so large that he now couldn’t fit in the house. He then ran outside, and went to create his army. It was 12:30.

We didn’t hear much from YoYoBot for a few days, but then, it was all over the news. Terror was sweeping over the country, and an army of yoyoers was killing innocent people. There was nothing to do.

So André turned to me. With his knowledge of me being a ninja, he had a secret of his own. André was a ninja as well. It was up to us to take down yoyobot.

As it seemed, his first wave of his army was carrying yoyojams. We ninja sliced their legs off, and acquired all of their yoyos. Then, we sent them all to Devon.

But it was growing worse.

YoYoBots infiltrated Yoyofactory, and were equipped with high end metals. How could we stop them?
We called upon Ben, who we needed to take back the YoYoFactorys. While André and I sliced their legs off, Ben got the YYF’s and sent them back to Devon.

But the army grew more. Soon, they had SPYY, HSpin, and Duncan. It was too much.

I recruited my friend David, and a massive yoyo war insured. We got Sinji Saito, whos looping prowess destroyed many. Then, we used Takuma Innowais speed to bash in the bots faces. The army number grew low. I had to take down YoYoBot1.

We get into his base, but he had grown larger then ever. Taking him down seemed near impossible, but we had to do it. I had to finish this battle, once and for all.

YoYoBot saw me, and shot his lazer rays at me. I jumped up, and sliced off his eyes. His rays would not work anymore. He then summoned a pack of Duncan Bots. They took me down, and I called upon my ninja aura. They were down. Then, I combined my transportation and speed powers, so he couldn’t see me. I broke through his heart, and into his computer. Then, I reprogrammed him, and it was all over.

All of the bots were gone. YoYoBot1 was done for. But we had plans for him.

All of the yoyos we had were sent to Devon. But what were we going to do with all of these things?
André suggested making a YoYo Website.

And then: YoYoExpert.com was born.

And to this day, yoyobot1 is used in the chat room, never wreaking havoc, again.


That was one of the most entertaining 2 minutes of my life.


(SR) #11

Samad, you are the most hilarious person ever. That was hysterical and genious. That was one of the funniest things ever… lol.

(JackG) #12

it took me 10 minutes!
nice samad…


How did he turn a sentence into a Funny and amusing short story?
Lol that was funny.

(Zer0) #14

um… yes?