k well im thinking about buying a dark magic from yoyoz.co.uk and i am in usa do you think it will ship good and,will it matter if i get it from a uk yoyo store when im in the usa. thanks all of you


I havn’t got a yoyo from overseas, but I think the United States would probably be better. If you WANT to ship from the UK and not the U.S. for some reason, just be prepared to wait.

P.S. Also check the shipping price. Pounds are diffrent than U.S. dollars.

P.S.S. I looked at the website and it looked like the UK version of yoyoexpert.


k ill probaly just get a maverick from amazon.com i think it will be ok once it is broken inn

(M²) #4

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First of all you don’t go posting other sites that sell yoyo’s here. It’s disrespectful.

Two there are so many sites that sell yoyo’s that you can buy from them. Why go to amazon? Buy one from YYE. That’s where this forum comes from.


You should buy one from here at YoYoExpert. Their shipping is the best!


Yeah, I know, why would you buy from someplace else that has the same yoyos, and is supported (and dearly loved) by those who use it?

Plus, this website is run by the granddaddy of the DM, too :slight_smile: