yoyo related jokes


post your yoyo related jokes :smiley:
mine :
the mighty flea is my number 1 choice for offstring.


Didn’t want to make a duplicate but yeah…

Why do asian play so fast ?

Because they are to short for long string !

(2015 award for worst joke eva !!!)


How many Yo-Yoers does it take to screw in a Light Bulb?


How do return tops greet each other?


3, one to break it with their yoyo, another to bring a multi-tool, and the third to actually fix the bulb.


Yoyo Limerick:
My favorite yoyo is the Cliff
It plays so strong and stiff
or the Yeti
or Super G
But really it makes no diff

I know it’s kind of weird because I am basically saying:
“The Cliff is the best yoyo ever… but the Yeti is good… so, is the Super G… ah, what the heck, they’re all good.”



No,4 because the third will try the palm method and fail


Yo dawg…


What’s a yoyo’s favorite wrestling move?

The sleeper… WAKA WAKA