yoyo related dreams...

(Jei Cheetah) #1

After seeing Samadulars post about his yoyo dream, I thought I would make a thread for yoyo related dreams.

Its odd, but I always have dreams about a yoyo contest, after I attend a yoyo contest.
But what is weird is that there are tons of yoyoers at said contest, but nobody that I know of.

Like there will be a guy who is insanely good and probably won whatever contest it is, but he is not any yoyoer I know of.

All over the event, its like a normal contest, everyone hanging out and throwing and talking, but not a single person I have ever seen, and probably no such person.

Its funny though, cause I wake up and think: Wow that random guy who looks like the 21 year old version of Samad is pretty much the best yoyoer I have ever seen!

Very odd.

I also had a dream once where I bought a new yoyojam yoyo from Brazil, and it was the most perfect yoyo I had ever thrown, super smooth, pure yoyo heaven.
I played it for the whole dream, and when I woke up, I felt sad cause I would never find such a perfect yoyo in real life…


(Shisaki) #2

I once dreamed my om bought me a Peak ::slight_smile:


I once dreamed that I was in a library that let you sample yoyos. That was before I got my hitman, and I dreamed of touching the hitman in the library, and i woke up. :’(

(Mitch) #4

We had a thread like this about a month or two ago but I just had a yoyo dream recently…

I live in an area with no yoyoing commmunity… I had a dream where my dad came over and said he won the lottery… He gave me a gift basket just full of yoyos he found online(He didn’t know what he was shopping for and just bought alot of different ones, there were YYF’s and YYJs and weird foriegn yoyos and it was awesome) and then said we could go on vacation where ever we wanted, so I said, "Were going to California! " And I met tons of great yoyoers like Augie Fash, Tyler Severance, Gerard Almento and so many more… It was so great I woke up and was like man… Bummer.


Don’t forget you could meet…Me, Samad, And Kim-Lan!


When I had this dream, I was trading my G5 for Connor’s 888. He told me it was in bad condition, and I didn’t mind. But my dream was that I got the yoyo, and the entire thing was raw with dings.

I also had a dream where MadDog lived right down the street from me, and for some reason, he ran away from home. I was devastated, so I was looking around his house feeling soooo sad, and I saw his case. I took out the Bully, and for some reason, I thought he would want me to have it :stuck_out_tongue: So I took it, and man, that was a fine yoyo, haha.


I had a dream where I was doing all of these awesome tricks at Cal States and it was awesome! The Judges said:

“The Winner is Chris N…” and then the alarm rang.

(JackG) #8

i had a dream i was in a contest and i just fluked
everyone was booing the whole time
lol thank good nees i woke up


I cant really remember any of my good ones but when i was a little noob I use to have dreams that i had an 888… and when i woke up I’d literally sit there for a second… “F***!”. And id bang the closest thing too my bed. Lol
Just a little side-note: I dislike 888s.
How ironic?


I had a dream last night, where I was at Worlds hanging out with j4dude and we worked up the guts to talk to Jensen Kimmitt right before he went on stage. He was really nice (not that I’m saying he isn’t nice in real life) but he was super nice in my dream. He gave me a Wooly Marmot, and gave signed Ethan’s Marmot. Then, he saw a trick I did, and he asked me to teach it to him!

It was an awesome dream.

(JackG) #11

lol last night i had a dream
samad was chasing me with whipped cream and some how he rigged my alarm clock so at 7 in the morning, it sprayed whipped cream
lesson learned-dont watch samads videos

ill still watch them


No joke, one time samad answered right before i was about to in a chat night, so a few nights later i was in this room with lights everywhere and music was blasting (kind of like a dance club.) Except most people were yoyoing and i saw samad and said "hey, your that kid with alot of posts who is the reason i didn’t win 60 bucks for a yo-yo(I was a huge beginner back then.) Then Samad laughed so i hit him with a golf club. I felt a sense of pride, then slighlty ashamed, the i woke up and laughed - ALOT!

(Jei Cheetah) #13

Wow, Samad is in a bunch of peoples dreams.

I just thought of something.

My dream about the contest where I don’t know anyone and some people are beyond good, especially the guy who looked like the 21 year old version of Samad…

What if…

The dream is of the future!

Makes sense.
New yoyoers, people who are around now might not yoyo in 6-7 years, you never know.
And there will be many new and good yoyoers then.
And in 6-7 years, Samad would probably an insane yoyoer if he keeps it up seriously for that long.




I actually had a yoyo night mare! I had been trying to get spirit bomb down and that night i dreamed that i was at the world competition and i landed spirit bomb but then the strings came to life and started strangling me!!!


I don’t have dreams… :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides from the one where I got chosen Forum eXpert. ;D

(which I doubt will happen)


I was dreaming about playing with a catch 22.


I kinda just noticed how a lot of people have frgotten about me now. :’(


lol, sorry Logan. I just don’t hear from yu that much anymore. :-\


I’ve been busy lately, mainly since I barely get to stay home for the summer :-
I have to go to the YMCA for almost all of it…

Also I have been quietly monitoring the forums, I just don’t come by many things I would like to post on.