Yoyo poem

(M²) #1

I was wandering if anyone else ever wrote a poem about Yo-Yo heres mine.

Like a man at sea, I cast my bait
to catch tricks of a different state.
Like a crow it swoops all around,
then like bee with a buzzing sound.
It catches a string for only a moment,
then lets it go for no purpose.
Its runs like a dog, but must come back to my hand,
with a flick of my wrist is soon understands.
Like a clock it stops,
and must be winded again.
Then within a second, it spins a thousand years
slowly relieving the worst of my fears.
It gliders like a sparrow,
so quick and so smooth.
It has life within it,
and never ceases to movt yoyos.

please comment. I wrote it for school. I’m way to adicted :wink:

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(hcjesse) #2

That’s actually pretty good. How long have you been writing poetry?

(JayVee) #3

That’s actually a really good poem! If your school has a newspaper or other publication, ask if you can publish that. Seriously, people need to read this.

By the way, I like writing poems too. I just haven’t really thought about writing one about yo-yo’s. This poem inspired me, so I guess I’ll try my hand in it too. :wink:

(M²) #4

I started a while back in school. I was surprised i enjoyed it so i sometimes just write em for fun. I accidentally said i wrote this one for school. I didn’t. Not important though.

(M²) #5

my friend liked it