yoyo maintenance


how do you get your yoyo bearing off


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There are several methods.

I use pilers. Grip the bearing, wiggle, and pull out slowly.


That is definitely the best way. Unless you are Superman, you don’t really need to worry much at all about breaking the bearing or messing it up in any way, so make sure to squeeze plenty hard and it will pop right out.


Good one! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do you want it out?

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that should help


I use any pair of pliers. They get the job done.

Even the wrong pair, I use.

Doesn’t even damage my bearings.


I disagree with that video from the beginning. I would use the first pair and make it so it is as wide as can be and then use it like that to grab around the entire outside. The extra surface area would help it not slip as much.

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I have a nice multi-tool that has that gap and it works fine for me…