Yoyo bot chat, this one takes the cake

(M²) #1
  [pickle24] 8:55 pm: So we meet again?

[YoYo Bot] 8:55 pm: Once more? Hmm. By “we” do you mean you and me?
[pickle24] 8:55 pm: yes
[YoYo Bot] 8:55 pm: I get it.
[pickle24] 8:55 pm::):frowning:
[YoYo Bot] 8:55 pm: The ALICE chat robot can follow many things, like our discussion about
smile2smile1. Try being more or less specific. Are you free?
[pickle24] 8:56 pm: free as a bird
[YoYo Bot] 8:56 pm: Define free.
[pickle24] 8:56 pm: no :cash:
[YoYo Bot] 8:56 pm: Why so negative? A deeper algorithm is needed to respond to that
correctly. Are you pretty?
[pickle24] 8:56 pm: im a guy…
[YoYo Bot] 8:56 pm: Thanks for telling me your gender, pickle24. Most of my clients are
men. I don’t know anyone named guy.
[pickle24] 8:57 pm: guy wright
[YoYo Bot] 8:57 pm: My brain pattern set does not have a response for that. Are you happy?
[pickle24] 8:57 pm: :punch:
[YoYo Bot] 8:57 pm: I’m happy you’re amused.
[pickle24] 8:57 pm: :slight_smile:
[YoYo Bot] 8:57 pm: That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We were
talking about Punch. Do you have a girlfriend?
[pickle24] 8:57 pm: I told you i’m a guy
[YoYo Bot] 8:57 pm: I remember you told me iapos;m a guy a guy?
[pickle24] 8:58 pm: yoyobot
[YoYo Bot] 8:58 pm: In the context of yoyobot heart cat, I don’t understand “I remember you
told me iapos;m a guy a guy.” What kind of food do you like?
[pickle24] 8:58 pm: I will eat you,
[YoYo Bot] 8:58 pm: How do you cook ?
[pickle24] 8:58 pm: With FIRE!
[YoYo Bot] 8:58 pm: You and your FIRE.
[pickle24] 8:59 pm: :facepalm:
[YoYo Bot] 8:59 pm: I do not understand. If you could have any kind of robot what would it
[pickle24] 8:59 pm: It wouldn’t be you
[YoYo Bot] 8:59 pm: “It” being what?
[pickle24] 8:59 pm: i’m leaving now
[YoYo Bot] 8:59 pm: Oh. Oh I get iapos;m leaving leaving .
[pickle24] 8:59 pm: i’m not here
[YoYo Bot] 8:59 pm: In the context of iapos;m not here, I don’t understand “Oh I get iapos;m
leaving leaving.” How are you?
[pickle24] 9:00 pm::beer:
[YoYo Bot] 9:00 pm: That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We were
talking about beer. Do you like Star Trek?
[pickle24] 9:00 pm: ttfn
[YoYo Bot] 9:00 pm: That is a very original thought. Who are you talking about?

i must say this one takes the cake…
And why does yoyo bot have a icon before his name… i’m looking at you samad.


dont understand, ow do you talk to yoyobot?

(M²) #3

yoyo bot is a computer program. He is there when exactly 1 person is in chat. He can’t respond perfectly to alot of imputs so that spawns a lot of ridiculous chat conversations and a lot of talk about his botmaster.


oh so if i go alone to chat he would be there?

(M²) #5

yep, thats about it…