YouTube Haters...


Ugh…I hate them so much.

I try to ignore them, but they keep commenting. I’ve had fights go on for over a month if I say anything.

Should I just stop posting videos?



Haters aren’t a bad thing. They are a source for hilarity. I usually go to them if I want to have a good laugh. I have 220 subs, and I have faced many haters over the… year. But you don’t see me stopping!

Don’t be like Sarah Palin! :stuck_out_tongue:


Use the haters as motivation. Strong language warning.

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lol. best vide ever!!

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Respond to haters, but do it in a funny way. At my channel (check sig) there’s a certain beasterboy100. Check it out.

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If they get too annoying, remember you can always screen the comments, or disable them altogether.


Thanks you guys so much.

You really bring me up.

Special thanks to Samad and rsmod123.


Boooooy . Yer thinking wroooooong .

You shouldnt stop doing something you enjoy just becuhs theres this dude who keeps commenting on yer channel or video ! Even though I havent actually had a hater, (i mean come on, how could you hate ME? heheh, just playing) but my friends have, and I`m ALWAYS the one who helped them get over it .

So there was this dude online always hating on my friends default pictuuuure then she started to change it like every day, just becuhs shes always feeling bad, and then started thinking about deleting her account, but then I told her that haters only hate becuhs they havent found love/enough hapiness in them yet, and til the day they find it in them, she just has to remember that she should just let it go, and dont care what others are saying about her . After I gave her this 2-3 hour long lecture about not caring about what people say about her, I spoke to the hater and gave him a piece of my mind about telling girls theyre not pretty, and that he makes them feel ugly on the inside and out . And after a few days that conversation took place, strangely, my friend was happy again, and i didnt hear a single peep from that guy ever since yesterday (it`s been a few months now). Cuhs yesterday, he told me that now, he has a girlfriend, and he wanted to thank me for letting him know how he makes, excuse me, MADE girls feel . And I felt real happy . NO LIE .c(:

And if that hater keeps commenting on yer videos or channel, whatever, you can just block him! Thats what I did when this guy kept telling me that he liked me and he wanted to come to america to see me . and i know that seems sweet at first, but that guy was a freak, no lie . I mean, doesnt it sound a bit creepy ? I mean a 16 year old jockin on an 11 year old ? But thats not my point ! Hahah. Just block him/her if he/she keeps commenting on yer whatever . (:

Do you know what ticks me off the most ? That you were willing to stop posting videos that you enjoy making, am I roite ?, just becuhs some hater is hating on your videos ? Thats not roite . Would you really stop posting videos ? Cuhs it seems like you have fun making them, Hahah-Ive been paying attention the the forums, so why would you stop ? Thats silly, sily goose . (x

I hope I didnt comment too late, cuhs I did this FOUR PARAGRAPH lecture TWICE ( twice, becuhs the first time I finished, stupid auto sign out shizz, so i had to retype whole thing out of memory ) becuhs I dont want anybody to just stop doing something they enjoy just cuhs of haters, and I think I`ve said that enough. Hahahh. Oops, I mean 5 paragraphs now .

And please remember youre getting all of this from an eleven year old girl . Even though i might`ve not helped, I tried really hard . Ahahah . (:

So, hope I helped … Lemme know okiee ?


You did help. Thanks!

And yes, I really would be willing to stop posting vids. You guys help me so much.

That is why I would NEVER get off this forum, not even if nobody likes me here.

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Those fools are just haters… and you made yourself so easy to love!

If people are hatin’, then you’re doing something wrong. It’s there job.


Ok, haters are getting on my nerves again, so I’m naver making YouTube videos again.

I’ll be on YouTube to watch videos, but no new videos are coming from me.

Thanks to all who tried to keep me from doing that.

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Aw… come on… your videos are a great source for learning tricks and other things. You have some very good tutorials. I like watching your videos. I am dissapointed that you are stopping.


Me too… :’(


Haha, got you guys!

I’m going to try Vimeo, if there’s ********* on there, I’ll be like Sarah Palin. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why give in to the haters? Just block them. Its like being a crybaby, dude. Calm down, I probably get more hate here alone than you do on YT.