your opinion on this


hello ! i’m talking with someone (not you someone) to trade a homemade yoyo realted item for my superstar,my superstar is worth 10 more than what he is selling it, but he says it cost more to make than he sells it,i'm ok with that,but the problem is that he ask me to pay for shipping (12 or less he said) , i know i live in canada and all that but i have to pay for shipping too ! what do you think about making the other pay for shiping cost ?


It can be used as part of a deal as a sweetner like “ok I will do the trade if you pay shipping fees” but honestly it is up to you. If you feel like it is worth it and you want it then pay if not you can tell him you’ll split shipping or everyone pays for there own shipping. IMO. I always just pay for own shipping cause its going to cost the same for you to ship to him as it will for him to ship to you.


My feeling is if it’s a trade, each pays for their own shipping. If it’s a sale, the seller should include that in his price and not ask for it as an extra.


Completely agree!


Shipping costs can depend on the country from which you’re shipping. Shipping from the US to another country can go as high as $28 depending on the method you use to ship. But I haven’t heard of shipping costs coming anywhere near that number when shipping TO the US. We get gouged here.


oh dang I didn’t even know that.(obviously) haha. thanks for the info Mike! and yes that does suck haha