Your first Kendama


Purple Snake Oozora! It’s phenomenal now that I’ve glued the sarado in place. :wink:

Too much slippage before for my tastes. But oh do I love the look of this tama. :wink:





not sure brand this one is but my friend gave it to me recently, since he kept it unstrung I guess he never played with it, he’s got this similar one but with red paint. this one is a lot of fun and I’ve made tons of progress on it since he gave it to me!


Hey, Japhle; The JKA seals are color coded. I think the yellow one like you have is an Ozora seal. Can an Ozora owner back me up on that?

(Jace) #29

yep that’s an oozora :wink:


Yes that is the Natural Woodgrain Ozora. God Bless - Moefv


Seriously pretty annoyed with Kendama string. I know it would limit a lot of things, but everytime I play with the dang thing I debate on just removing the string all together. Then again, I don’t even play with the thing anyway


My first was one from a brand kalled “Play”, think they are German.
My main is a Skyblue Ozora. And it is probably the best playing out there. It’s better to get used to landing lighthouses and lunars on a slippery tama rather than learning it on a really sticky one. Because you’ll have to keep going with sticky ones to be able to do the tricks.
And yes, i’ve landed both lunar and lighthouse on my slippery Ozora.


I threw mine away yesterday :-X


Just got my Blue Ozora in the mail and played with it and I gotta say it’s a solid playing Kendama. So far I’ve landed all my tricks. Gos Bless - Moefv


Zack signature Kendama USA Pro model.


I won a sweets kendama at the state fair from entering a drawing they were having at a booth.

(major_seventh) #37

Black Sweets Kendama! It’s not sticky though so I don’t think its an aTack.


My first Kendama is a white Kendama USA Tribute… I love it so much and I’ve only been at it for two days! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine would be a Sweets Seafoam Matte Marble. So far, I’m lovin’ it. Kendama is just as addicting as yoyoing is. And, as far as skills go, I think kendama might be a better skill toy for me. Only been a few days though :wink:

Need to start tinkering with the bottom cup more now.

Edit: Super glue on the spike keeps it from dulling?


Red TK 16! (The JKA brand with a green seal)

Back when I bought it, there were only a few websites that you could buy from, and they were mostly based in Japan. There were no American companies producing kendamas at that point, only Japanese and Chinese. I found it in a Japan booth at a local heritage festival.


My first KEndama I won this weekend at MA states for winning 1st place for ‘pick your trick’ division. I totally love this thing!! It’s really challenging and personally rewarding to land something hard. I took it to school and my friends like to try it and my Fireball yoyo too. It’s really nice to have toys like this in my bag, it increases the spirits of the people around me


Thats the one I’m ordering this week :slight_smile:

(Nautilus) #43

Stained sweets kendama got stolen but I live right by them so I got a new one


I will be getting a Kendama Master. Is that good?