Your feelings on buying cheaper yoyos


I’ve had this on my mind for a long time now and I wanted to know what you guys think.

I don’t know if you guys are like me, but when I want to buy a yoyo, I typically want one of two things. It has to be a) an upgrade or b) offers something new to me.

This mindset makes me often not want to buy cheaper yoyos if I have a better one already.

What do you guys think? Are you one of those people who is like me and only buys yoyos for one of those two reasons, or do you like to buy cheaper yoyos as well, and if so why?


I generally buy yoyos because they are either unique in design, rare, or both. This usually steers me away from cheaper yoyos since “unique” and “rare” usually mean “$”.

although I do pick up the really well liked cheaper ones, like Protostar, PSG, FHZ, things like this. I’m usually plenty happy with them as well, even if they are not my main focus. I generally won’t take chances with cheaper throws.


What I look for is variety. Price is secondary.

First, is it something I don’t have. Very important, as I don’t really NEED to have more than 1 of most things, although sometimes I may want more than one. I have 6 Unleashed, most of my loopers are in pairs(makes sense) but I do have a few pairs intended for 3A and variants, and others that I just like and have 3 of.

Second: Since I don’t have it, how does it fit within my preferences? This is more for seeing how interested I might be. I don’t let my preferences restrict my purchases.

I don’t worry about terms like better, as that means nothing to me. Better is a subjective term.

I can be just as happy throwing a Classic as I can a Positron or Anglam or any CLYW or One Drop in my collection. Just as long as it’s something different.


I think of my higher end yo-yo’s and my lower end as different collections. My metals are obviously there for performance and looks.

My plastics are just really fun to play with and look really cool. I love my Starlight and Shaqler. They just look really awesome.


I think my preferences restrict me sometimes. I really like the feel of a metal throw. There’s just something about it that is different that plastic, maybe it’s the better rim weighting, I don’t know. It doesn’t keep me from all the plastics though. Adegle plastics look really nice, and although I wasn’t sure what to think of them at first, it seems like Magic Yoyos are pretty decent too.

There is that certain mindset of price=quality that I think most new yoyoers have to overcome as well.


My yoyos I have right now can handle any trick I can do, so I don’t see why I should upgrade. I’d rather buy more yoyos that are different or fits my preferances.


if I see a yoyo I want, I try to get it

to me, price has nothing to do with it

if it’s too expensive, I save up and get it later, or try to get it in a trade

like the clashcube, I could have bought it new, but I didn’t want to spend that much, waited a couple months for one to turn up in a BST forum.

if I can afford it when it gets released, I just buy it, example: the H5xChief

Cheaper yoyo are, most of the time, less desirable than high end throws, so I can understand why the younger ones like them because performance wise they’re a great bang for the buck. But for someone with a salary, a hundred bucks is really not that expensive for a hobby. (might have spent around $30k in music, probably close to $10k in photography over the years with around $1500 last month alone, yoyoing wise, probably around $3k/$5k since a couple years ago when I started, not counting sales or trades, just the money I’ve spent on them)


When you say “cheap” do you mean price or quality? I am assuming you mean the later, and if so, I don’t really mind. I like to play with my flying squirrel as opposed to my DM2. But as for buying, I guess it depends on my mood.

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Recently I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t use my cheap yoyos enough for them to be worth it, so from now on I will only purchase high end yoyos. I need to feel like it’s an upgrade otherwise its just not worth it to me at all.


When I started, I bought cheap throws because I was not sure what I was looking for, and I wanted to try different things. But, I would not buy a variety of expensive throws back then, because I was not sure if the hobby would stick.

When it became apparent that I would be sticking with the hobby, it was more reasonable to spend a lot more money on high end yo-yos as well. As a result, I have sold some of my cheap yo-yos, and spend more and more on individual yo-yos now. I have kept some of my cheap priced ones for collector purposes, or if it really plays nice. No matter what I spend on a yo-yo, I will always love the DMII, Northstar, Starlite , Classic and a lot of those under $50 that offer a great value.

Nowadays, it has less to do with price, and more to do with how enjoyable the yo-yo is to play. I tend to not want to buy cheaper ones as often now, because they tend to pile up faster. It’s easier to accumulate cheap yo-yos because you can buy so many. Buying more expensive throws gives me incentive to think about purchases longer and trade more often. I still buy the spectrum though as I consider myself a budding collector type.

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Totalartist, you make some good points, especially about yoyos accumulating! I know that feeling.

I guess, to buy inexpensive or more expensive is a simple matter of what makes you the happiest ;D.

It’s all good.


right now cheaper throws are my friend because our family does not have enough money to buy that legendary 100 dollar throw so I kinda find plastic and magic yoyos as my friend right now because its a price our family can afford that and you would be surprised on how good cheap throws could be :wink:

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Instead of buying a bunch of cheaper yoyos, save the money you would spend on cheaper throws over a certain period of time and buy a nice one. It’s well worth it.


There was a time that $25 was my upper limit. Then I went over that slippery slope and spent $35 on a HM and it went down hill from there when bought my first metal, then another and another and… Then I came to my senses. I haven’t spent more than $45 on a yoyo in the last 2 years. :wink:

So all of that said, I have some cheaper and some expensive yoyos. I really enjoy some of the cheaper ones such as the YYJ Journey. And of course the YYJ HM and DM II fill in the mid-range nicely. It’s all good.


I love my YYRs but cheap plastics can be every bit as fun. Life’s too short to be a yoyo snob, right?



I don’t own an “expensive” throw yet. My most expensive is the C3 Capless at $65+ship. Maybe it’s just ignorance, but I’m just as happy throwing my Chaser or Lyn Fury as the C3. Certainly they’re different (the Lyn Fury is certainly not a stability monster, but it’s light and fun) and I can immediatly spot the “quality” difference, but I don’t really have a truly strong preference.

I think I’m just in the beginning stage of what Totalartist probably went through. I’m pretty cool grabbing a bunch of cheapies, and in fact I’m sort of making it a bit of a personal mission to find my favourite inexpensive throw. :wink: But you never know. I might end up with a Chief or something even more expensive and say “Ohhhhh… I get it now…” and never look back. However, I strongly suspect I’ll still enjoy the fun of buying cheap throws and accomplishing the same things on it.

I mean… I can appreciate a gourmet meal with fine wine, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get a kick out of a burger and a Coke.


I think I’m going to go down the path that Steve brown inspired. I’m going to save up and get a good throw , positron sleipner or dreadnought I can’t decide, and I’m going to take care of it.


My brother just started yoyoing about a week ago and I told him the first thing he needs to know about yoyos is that a more expensive yoyo is not a better yoyo. It’s not like a car where every car does the same thing. It’s all preference. I find a basic shape I like, then I can change everything else (response, string, bearing, etc.) no point in buying expensive yoyos to get the same shape. I play all of my yoyos hard, so there is no point in buying a $100+ throw to get dinged up.

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I thought Steve Brown dents his yoyos when he gets them.


yeah he dents them but he keeps playing them he still plays stuff from like 07