Your favorite forum people.


list your favorite people on this forum.

In no particular order,

Studio42- He is IMO bar far the most helpful on this whole forum, if there’s a kid askin what throw he should get, you bet your grand papi’s socks he’s gonna give him awesome advice.

Shawdowz143- He’s really helpful, and welcoming to new comers, and he’s seems like a funny kid.

Skirtz- He gives awesome advice, with professional seeming posts.

Nivo- He seems like he has a lotta knowledge about this kind of stuff. He’s always so helpful.

Sniffy- He makes some of the best reviews out there. always a nice guy to have around.

There are others to, i just couldn’t think of you guys of the top of my head.


Great Idea! My favorite people would have to be…

Shadowz143 (Yes, Shadowz, not Shawdowz, lol) Really nice and helpful. Oh yeah - and he’s my brother.

Studio42. Probably one of the most knowing people on the forum!

All the mods and admins. For their support, doing all that stuff.


Haha, thanks guys. :slight_smile:

I didn’t know someone would mention me. :smiley:

My favorite?

Studio42, most helpful person on the forums, nice trader too.

All of the mods.

YoYoExpert. I think you know why.

Sniffy. Just awesome.


studio42, always having helpful posts
shadowz143, a helpful and really funny guy
wildcat23, also very funny and helpful.
skitrz, he always has something funny to say.

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #5

First of all for Jrod: Notice that my name is not included in this list. Although the spellings of skitrz and skirtz are similar they are different, therefore in fact they are different people. Therefore I’m not known on this forum ::slight_smile: .

I find so many outstanding people on this forum. I love all the helpful posts, the fun bantering, and I really appreciate all of you that share your candid opinions in a respectful way. You all make such a great contribution to this forum.

The mods are great…jhb has been around forever…how old is that dude?..carbon dating might answer that question…I digress. They’re quick to take care of business and very reliable.

So basically, too many people to list individually for me but I sure do enjoy hanging with you rascals 8) .

(WildCat23) #6

Studio42 Very helpful no matter the question
Sniffy Who doesn’t like him?
Jrod Funny guy. His comments are usually good and humorous.
skitrz Still not a lurker, but oh well.


I would have to say skitrz. Has such a great head on his shoulders. Very respectful too.

(M.DeV1) #8

I just wanted to know who is your favorite forum member? who’s posts do you enjoy, who do you think is funny, or helpful? Post who is your favorite.


I like yoyospirit and mcjrna, cause they have beast mods and polishes, Jayyo, becuase he makes the forums interesting (or used to at least), and Studio42, becuase his post are long enough to be short novels.


You know that there is another thread just like this, asking the same question, that is still active and on the first page of unrelated discussion?

Anywho, Studio42. There’s no way you can’t love him.


I sorta liked how Jayyo kept the forums interesting…until he got a little out of control…


I love everyone ;D

(Jei Cheetah) #13

I cannot be contained.

I have to say I look forward to seeing Studio’s post, as well as Trace’s. Two cool people right there.