Your dream freestyle music?


A simple topic, If you could use any music for a contest freestyle, What would you use?

You might recongize the song as a remix if you’ve ever played any of the Touhou Danmaku shooters, A great song, A little long for a 3:00 freestyle, but it’d be easy to edit it.

Speaking of Touhou, May as well leave a little clip from Tohou 10, Mountain of faith.

How do you upload stuff to yye?


A Fifth of Beethoven Symphony no. 5 Soulwax Remix. Or Wylin’ Out - RJD2 Remix.


The Strokes - Reptilia

It is what I’m gonna be using at DXL.

(JonasK) #5

Big Muff - Depeche Mode



Anime music used in Yugioh GX. Awesome

(system) #7

Common - Universal Mind control.

Or Metro Station - Shake it

(Jeromy K.) #8

Very odd video but great song and great artist…I dig Tom Waits the most  wait for the 50 sec that is where the song starts.

(Jerry) #9

Axenstar-The Divine

Whatever remix Jensen Kimmit used at BAC

(Jerry) #10

Srry I accidentally somehow posted the vid twice…


Its okay :slight_smile:

All you have to do is post the link of the video. You don’t have to mess with all that embed junk :wink:

(system) #12

I know it’s off-topic but is the song synchronize to you yo-yo freestyle is needed to be exactly 3:00 or less than 3 minutes?


It can be less than 3 mins, but it shouldn’t be more, the judges will just stop counting points, and will say “Name!” Applause


Here’s a good one!