your 2 bits please (and if you have some change that would be great to)


I have tried a peak and a grind machine (the metal one) and I loved both, but I don’t think either is available online, but I loved the feel of a slightly oversized metal, and I loved the smoothness. Any suggestions. I kind of want to keep my next throw under 80 bucks.

I’m kind of looking to avoid the feel I have from my G5. I like it, but it feels thin due to my big fingers.

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If you can find the ORIGINAL Metal Grind Machine, wow. LIke I don’t think they even exist anymore lol. You have a better chance of getting a Peak, they will be here on YYE soon. But they seel out fast. I haven’t tried the original all metal grind machine, but I have tried the peak, and I love that, so yeah.


Yeah, but I am not looking for either. I just want to get a similar feel. Rounded edges good weight and definitely a C Bearing. Any ideas for a new throw that play like that.

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Get a TFL from werrd. Rounded feel, the whole nine.


I can uhhh…hook you up…if you know what I mean…

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Gotta go cheaper. I’m kinda PO right now. just wondering though if either the Icon or the California are good. they both look rounded, and I am kinda leaning toward the California. Any ideas.




Tried it loved it get it later ICON OR CALIFORNIA?


The Cali has more of a full feel to it. The Icon is more or less angular sort of.