you like it?


i made this video effects in after effects ,here is the video

i hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue:
please tell me what u think about it

(M²) #2

Well… it looks real. The wavey backround does look aminous though. I don’t know why you’d want to fake being hit by a car though… :-\

(JM) #3

It looks fake to me, but it’s still really good work man.


Thanks ;D

(M²) #5

Well, the blood looks pretty fake.

(Q) #6

That intro was amazing though


LOL that was crazy awesome!!

(Jei Cheetah) #8

Language warning.
I would put it in the title as well.


(SR) #9

Agreed. It looked somewhat real.

And as Jayyo said, I would put a language warning.


I like the title the most, but there’s a wierd distorded circle around you


a new version coming soon ;D


language warning added.


i didn’t understand what are you saying guys by “language warning added” ,what do u mean???
no bad words or anything like that.


At the end on the video…last 2 words.