You know what really grinds my gears?!#1


Okay so I am gonna start something I don’t think is up. You can guess from the name that it’s about things that irritate me. I’m gonna do one every couple days and I want people to comment what they think of what I said.Also its only gonna be on yoyo stuff
So this weeks one is…
Me:You know what really grinds my gears?!?! >:(
random person:What? ???
Me:When I’m Yoyoing in public and peopl come and watch me and say oh my god that’s cool. I say thanks, then they irritate me by saying can you walk the dog? I’m like no I can’t walk the dog I can only do all these crazy string tricks but I can’t put the yoyo on the floor and let it spin. And then they say well do it. And again I’m irritated and tell them why would i scratch up my nice 65 dollar item on doing the simplest trick as walk the dog. sheesh.


You know what grinds my gears?


If you don’t want people to ask you questions about your yoyoing, then just don’t yoyo in public, it’s as simple as that sheesh.

(LookAYoYo) #3

jump, that was his example. and i am not to sure how long this will last. a lot of the things people will post are just a generally known fact.


this isnt like that i hate thread its suppose to be funny like what i said it doesnt irritate me a lot i just put something that i get tired of answering and making something like a joke (notice how i made little captions of me and a random person talking like that)


What grinds Michael’s gears:

People that feel the need to act superior towards everybody who asks a question about their yoyoing. People who believe they are hot **** because they can do Gyroscopic Flop. People who buy $65 yoyos, play outside around others who have not been exposed to modern playing, then get frustrated when they show interest. People who hinder the spread of what could be another boom, one that lasts and will support all the people who make YOUR playing possible. People who take their $65 toys outside and are terrified of getting them scratched.

EDIT: Please don’t use the censor. Be mature enough to speak without using foul language.


Oooooh my, It’s getting hot in here because Mikey’s letting off some STEAM. lol. Nice rant, I was starting to miss you.


people like JUMP grind my gears, just calm down and stop being so negative all the time (not directly to jump but to people that make comments like that).


I’m glad you quoted that, King. I rephrased some stuff halfway through and left some words that didn’t make sense, lol.

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If it wasn’t directly to JUMP why didn’t you say people that make comments like that? I find that your being negative too.


I find it hilarious that any response to this thread applying to the rules is sarcastic…

Now let’s not continue, post to the origional statement or don’t post anything.



why does every one get so mad? have u seen that family guy episode where peter does that thing and its funny well i wanted to do something like that to make ppl laugh but some ppl on yoyoexpert are to serious and cant take minor jokes not even applying to them. in this case im locking this thread cause people dont have a sense of humor.scratch that i dont care what people say all i have to say is learn to have a sense of humor i got an idea goto a comedy show and laugh maybe thatll help or will u just nag them saying what they said isnt funny and mock them

thankz for saying this king at least ur not all butt hurt about things


and no i dont feel superior to ppl i even said that i just get tired of keep on answering those kind of questions u should open ur eyes and read


You’re negative.


If you get tired of answering questions, don’t do something that nobody has seen before in public. Go in your little hidey-hole and only play when the sun goes down.

When people ask questions it is because they are interested, maybe they want to learn. So instead of shooting them down with sarcasm, help them out, teach them. Don’t carry a metal yoyo if you don’t want to scratch it. Carry a Velocity or 201 around so you can let other people try.

You should open your eyes and realize that not everybody shares the same hobby as you and far less have seen what we do with yoyos today and it might catch people’s eyes. Use this as an opportunity to make friends, let our little sub-culture grow, send business to our retailers. You don’t have to be a jerk to them for being intrigued.

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All these threads grind my gears.


What grinds my gears is people using the censor instead of just using a better choice of words.

Also I think we are all sick of people that are sick of the walk the dog stuff. We’ve all heard it. We’ve all been asked that. So what. Who cares. If someone asks me if I can walk the dog I do. big deal.
BUT if you don’t like to walk the dog with your yoyo then BIG DEAL! Why does everyone care if someone else doesn’t like to do that? I mean it’s their yoyo and if they don’t want to then big whoop. You shouldn’t get mad about someone else’s decisions in the matter. Why is it when someone says I hate it when I’m asked to walk the dog or any other trick for that matter and someone else has to come in and basically tell them what to do or where to do it. I also hate it when someone gives someone advice like Jump did and other’s complain about it. I don’t agree with jump but that is no reason to try to act superior to him.

We play with friggan yoyo’s people. They are toys. No one is superior than anyone else here. Deal with it!

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Huh. Well i agree with you on the first part. Theres no point in using bad language even if its censord. That goes for general talking too, not just the forums. The second part about walk the dog… Whats wrong with making a big deal of it. It’s not like we get mad at somebody for asking us to do walk the dog, its just that we don’t like to do it. And when someone puts up a thread like you know when your addicted to yoyoing or 50 facts, it’s bound to come up. I don’t see whats wrong with that. And i’m with you on the advice one. If someone gives advice you don’t have to agree with it, but don’t call the person a jerk for trying to help.


You misunderstand. I’m not saying you can’t make a big deal out of it if someone asks you to walk the dog.

What i’m saying is i hate it when someone posts a thread like this and someone makes a big deal ouy of the op’s dislike for doing it. It’s their yoyo. Why should someone get mad at that?