Yo-yo Show!


Everyone knows about Blazing Teens!

BTW: If you guys see any design taken from YYF Duncan or other companies tell me.

(Raphael) #2

0:13 look at the green and blue yoyo, bottom right. Xodus 2 ripoff… I have one when my dad visited Pakistan, It is alot better than the real thing but lacks quality, and has rip off brake pads instead of the starburst response.

(SR) #3

I don’t get it… but that’s 3:21 seconds of my life I won’t be getting back.  :-\


I see the similarities.

Question: You said the AUldey Version is better…


(Raphael) #5

It’s better with spin time then the xodus 2, which can be used for 4a and 1a, I’m talking about 1a…
The spin time is better, and it is unresponsive, like i can land ladder escape with the Auldey but, With the Xodus 2… not the prettiest thing.


Its like the yoyo version of pokemon or digimon or something…but worse