YAY Im so happy (read discription)


okay so ive been talking to tyler severance on facebook alot lately. And he is selling me a 2010 severe with caps a spec bearing and a kk for 57 BUCKS. CAN YOU BELIVE THAT. tyler is my al time favorite yoyoer right next to zach gormley. well i thought id just let you know.its also signed by him and mabey augie


That’s nice of him.





really cool


so you’re that jerk who keeps talking to tyler when I’m trying to…>:D


OMG!!! SO lucky! That should be me talking to him! LOL So lucky man, and he used it!!! And your getting it with autographs!!! OMG!!! That’s like heaven man. Although I do have a 2010 Severe with three autographs.


I have his old '10 G5. What now!

(Q) #8

I have Quinton Haley’s BassBoost. The one he used at MWR.

I win.


That’s cool of him. Next time your on w/ him, tell him I want to see more Descendents videos, LOL!!!


I have Jack Ringca’s Flying Squirrel and Its Signed by him I win

(Yo!It'sMatt) #11

I just signed my old PGM. Is it worth anything now?


I have a 2010 Severe signed by Tyler, Augie, and Miggy.

(Kei) #13

Ill take it… you know for free.

But thats cool dude! You are one lucky fella. I wish I had a signed yoyo. I would totally get a Genesis signed by Miggy, Jensen, Ann, Joe, and Yukki.