Xbox Live


So I’ve been thinking about getting Gold for a little while, but I honestly don’t know whether I would play enough for it to be worth the $60. Does anyone have a spare trial code they could PM to me to use as a test run? Also, about how much playing/usage do you think is worth it for the money? Thanks!


What games are you going to be playing? For something like forza horizon, live isn’t very important, but for something like cod you definitely want to have it.


Xbox live is the only reason people have Xbox! Especially for games like call of duty. Nobody really cares about the story mode in the end, everybody just plays multiplayer. And its $5 a month, how can you say no? Haha


True lol. I play a variety of stuff, I just haven’t deceived if I use it enough for $60…I pretty cheap haha.


I know you play a variety of games, but if you play call of duty games…get Xbox live. Period.


Yes. Or Battlefield. The Battlefield 3 single player is one of my least favorite, in terms of the plot. Multiplayer has its flaws, but is still amazing.


I kinda meant all of those games in general, but I didn’t really say it lol. Oh and you can talk to your friends


I sent you a PM.